Achieve an exceptional rendered finish with ROCKCOTE Flexi Tex

Achieve an exceptional rendered finish with ROCKCOTE Flexi Tex

ROCKCOTE Flexi Tex is a versatile cement based texture that delivers a cost effective, attractive sand finish.

Flexi Tex is an excellent alternative to acrylic based textures providing an equivalent level of performance and coverage but at a lower cost.

Designed to be highly flexible, Flexi Tex will control most forms of cracking, even minor structural movement cracking.

Flexi Tex is packaged in easy to handle 20kg bags and is naturally grey in colour but must be overcoated with two coats of ROCKCOTE Armour. A Flexi Tex/Amour system is very low maintenance and offers the added benefits of greater knock and impact resistance over acrylic textures.

ROCKCOTE Flexi Tex is suitable for almost every commercially available substrate – and is a cost effective two-coat system for Blueboard or AAC substrates.

Flexitex offers increased efficiency on site due to the following features:

  • Can be used on jobs where there are multiple substrates and uniformity of finish is required

  • Attractive finish with only a hard float

  • No need to sponge so huge time and labour savings on site

  • High polymer content makes painting easy

  • Can be used directly on previously painted substrate, subject to adhesion testing

  • No need for moisture level in basecoat to be under 15% WME.

Compared with acrylic materials there is significantly less risk of wash off if the walls are rained upon in the first 4-6 hours after application.

ROCKCOTE has had several reports of customers who have made the switch to Flexi Tex and are making substantial cost savings as a result – saving about 20 man hours per job and reducing the physical impact as no sponging is required.

For more information about Flexi Tex refer to its Technical Data Sheet.

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