All About Colour: Team Profile – Stu Mckneil

All About Colour: Team Profile – Stu Mckneil

The on-trend colour is grey, in all its possible shades according to ROCKCOTE’s Stu Mckneil.

As the sample maker in ROCKCOTE’s Colour Room, Stu watches various trends come and go. Right now, the off-form concrete look is getting a lot of attention.

“This trend is also filtering through to our Natural Materials with ROCKCOTE Marrakesh being requested in various shades of grey as it comes up with a great concrete look when polished with Carnauba Wax,” he said.

In his seven years at ROCKCOTE, Stu has used just about every product that has been developed as he prepares product samples for customers.

Along with creating walling system and product samples, Stu also has extensive experience in colour matching.

“ROCKCOTE is able to match just about any colour and also has an extensive database of colours with new shades added constantly. To match a colour we physically need to see it and then use a combination of technology and technique to come up with a close match,” he said.

Stu has a few key points of advice about selecting and matching colours:

  • Always work from a product sample rather than a printed sample. Printer’s inks are not necessarily true to colour and can be misleading when comparing a printed colour in a magazine or brochure to a formula or colour name.
  • If you are trying to colour-match for a job where the colour has aged and faded, try to match the original rather than the faded colour. That way your wall will retain the integrity of the original colour.
  • If you are seeking a colour match to touch-up marks on large areas, it may be better to repaint the entire wall. Regardless of how good the touch-up colour and the expertise of the applicator, light can be unforgiving on touch-ups.
  • Different light shows colour differently. Look at any colour samples you receive in the light and space in which you intend to use them.

Additionally, Stu advises to stick with the one supplier if you are doing a project that involves both render and paint.

“Different companies use different formulas to obtain the same colour. If you are using ROCKCOTE Coloured Render on a project, and want your paint the same colour, then use ROCKCOTE paint too – that way the colours can be tint-aligned from the outset.”

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