Bag render and wet weather

Bag render and wet weather

With wet weather increasing in the lead up to Winter, it is a good time for us to remind everyone that ROCKCOTE bagged renders need to be kept dry during both storage and transportation.

ROCKCOTE endeavours to provide our customers with quality products. Keeping bagged products dry during storage and transportation ensures that these products remain at the same high quality that they were when dispatched from ROCKCOTE’s manufacturing plant.

As our bagged renders are dry products that require the addition of water before use, they will naturally absorb moisture. Therefore, it is important to keep these bags dry before use to reduce the risk of unwanted lumps forming within the bagged render.

To keep bagged render dry, we recommend:

  • Transporting bagged render in covered vehicles or trucks, particularly when there is a chance of rain.
  • Storing bagged render indoors or under shelter where rain cannot reach the bagged render, even if there is a low chance of rain.
  • Placing a sheet of plastic, a tarp or a pallet down prior to placing bagged render on a surface that may be damp. Surface that may be damp include, but are not limited to:
    • Grass or dirt. Moisture naturally is kept in the ground, even in dry weather and may affect bagged render if placed directly on this surface.
    • Cement surfaces, particularly in damp or cold climates, even if the cement surface/floor is indoors. Moisture can accumulate and sit on cement surfaces even if not directly in the weather.
    • Any other damp or not completely dry surface.

For more information on storage and handling for each ROCKCOTE product, please refer to the product technical data sheets (TDSs) available on our website, and the information supplied on the back of the bags.

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