The Benefits of ROCKCOTE Solar Protect

The Benefits of ROCKCOTE Solar Protect

ROCKCOTE Solar Protect is a durable, flexible acrylic roof membrane paint. It is ideal for use on cement tile and metal roofs over a suitable primer, to provide your home with superior long-term roof protection.

Made in Australia, by an Australian owned company, Solar Protect is specifically designed to suit Australian living conditions. It provides your roof with weather resistant and water repellent properties, as well as providing dirt, mould, alkali, mildew and fungi resistance. It provides protection against impact, scuffs and dirt pick-up stains, ensuring low maintenance for your roof.

ROCKCOTE products have been tried and tested for over 30 years, in some of Australia’s harshest conditions. As a result, ROCKCOTE provides up to a 12 year warranty on full ROCKCOTE Solar Protect systems.


On cement tile roofs, Solar Protect works as a durable, roof tile paint that is high build and flexible, which reduces the likelihood of cracks appearing in the final finish coat of your roof. Prior to painting cement tile roofs, it is important to prepare your roof properly.

Solar Protect is suitable for use over highly porous cement tiles, mildly porous cement tiles, or non-porous cement tiles.

Follow these steps prior to applying your Solar Protect cement tile roof paint system:

  1. Check condition: Look over the entire roof and replace any damaged tiles and remove any lichen.
  2. Clean: High pressure wash the roof.
  3. Re-bed and re-point: Re-bed any loose or damaged ridge capping and re-point with suitable pointing mix.
  4. ROCKCOTE Fungicidal Wash: Wash down the roof with ROCKCOTE Fungicidal Wash.

Once prepared, you can paint cement tile roofs by applying 1 coat of ROCKCOTE Tile Roof Primer, followed by 2 coats of ROCKCOTE Solar Protect. This system will provide the ultimate protection for your roof against severe weather conditions.

For a suggested range of colours, refer to the Solar Protect Colour Range chart available online, or request a Solar Protect brochure.

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