Earthen Render upgrade

Earthen Render upgrade

ROCKCOTE Earthen Renders have become popular for their beauty, economy and ease of use. A new formulation makes them even more versatile, allowing them to be tinted to a wider range of colours.

Earthen Render Medium and Earthen Render Coarse have now been developed with a lighter coloured clay, producing a natural, off white colour when mixed. This vastly increases the colour range achievable, allowing the product to be tinted to lighter colours that were not achievable with the previous earthy terracotta coloured formulation.

The new Earthen Renders can be tinted to all the colours in the ROCKCOTE Natural Materials colour range using natural oxides.

The new product is very creamy, spreads easily, sits off the screed and can be floated up almost immediately.

ROCKCOTE Earthen Renders are an ideal base coat for other ROCKCOTE Natural Materials. High adhesion allows them to be built out and cover many different substrates including previously painted surfaces, with minimal preparation.

Unlike other renders that can pull moisture away from the substrate in the final stages of drying, ROCKCOTE Earthen Renders retain moisture for longer, which will promote suction, provide better adhesion to the substrate, and allow a longer working time to achieve the desired finish.


There are no changes to preparation or mixing. Artisans should notice an improvement in application with the product being easier to trowel on and faster to float up.

Earthen Render Medium and Earthen Render Coarse are suitable for all classic rendered finishes with the unique appeal only natural materials can supply. Achievable finishes include:

  • Trowelled
  • Floated
  • Sponged
  • Undulated sponged and smooth
  • Undulated, sponged
  • A range of creative finishes

For further information, refer to the Earthen Render Medium TDS or Earthen Render Coarse TDS.

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