Flexi Tex

Flexi Tex


Product Name: ROCKCOTE Flexi Tex   

Immediately, throughout Australia

Product Codes: Medium 4082 (20kg)

Range: Mineral Textures           

ROCKCOTE Flexi Tex is a high quality, flexible mineral (cement) based texture, designed to
provide a natural and attractive sand finish. It is simple to apply and finish and is an economical
alternative to acrylic based textures.
ROCKCOTE Flexi Tex is suitable for use over almost every commercially available substrate. From small domestic projects, to large commercial developments, Flexi Tex provides an extremely durable, cost effective and attractive texture finish. Flexi Tex must be over coated with 2 coats of ROCKCOTE Armour.

Buildings coated with Flexi Tex attracts up to a 15 year written product and system warranty when applied according to ROCKCOTE’s specifications guide. For further details refer to: http://rockcote.com.au/products/flexi-tex

• Up tp 15 year warranty when coated with two coats of ROCKCOTE Armour
• Excellent adhesion
• Economical
• Polymer and fibre reinforced
• No ammonia or VOCs
• No chemical irritants

• Easy to apply and finish
• Pre blended, just add water
• Crack resistant
• Superior early water resistant
• Does not need priming prior to painting
• Can be painted after 48 hours

“Product trowels on nicely, easy to work with and very little droppage. Quicker and easier to finish than other products I have worked with and more forgiving especially where joining up at scaffold levels”.

“At last I have a cost effective alternative to acrylic texture. Flexi Tex gives me the same flexibility, performance and coverage, but at far less cost, enabling me to save my clients money and increase my own profits”.

Quoted from responses in the ROCKCOTE Flexi Text Feedback Trial_Feb - August 2012

System use:
It is recommended that ROCKCOTE Flexi Tex is used in conjunction with a full ROCKCOTE System. Approved ROCKCOTE Systems receive up to a 15 year warranty. Please see ROCKCOTE’s Systems Guide for applicable system specification information. 

Would you like to try this product?
Please add ROCKCOTE Flexi Tex to your next order placed with ROCKCOTE Direct – Ph 1300 736 668.

Sales Material:
All information relating to ROCKCOTE Flexi Tex is available from our website now: http://www.rockcote.com.au/products/flexi-tex

If you have any questions or queries or require further information, please contact ROCKCOTE Marketing Support on 1300 736 668. You can also contact your ROCKCOTE representative for any requests you may have.

Innovation and technology are at the core of ROCKCOTE’s research and development philosophy. We continually strive to provide the solid plaster trade with products that will meet the needs of the harsh Australian climate, modern construction methods, modern aesthetic tastes and deliver warranted, lasting performance.  We seek to apply modern technology to ancient wisdom to produce products that will create beautiful and enduring architecture.  We welcome any feedback that users and distributors of our products may have.

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