The importance of batch continuity

The importance of batch continuity

Individual batches of wet products can have a very slight variation in colour. This variation in colour between batches should be taken into consideration when ordering product for any project. For example, if the texture used on your project is Sandcote, you should ensure that all of the Sandcote you purchase for the project is from the same batch.

It should be ensured that products with the same batch number are used throughout the whole project to ensure colour consistency. Where this is not possible (for example on very large projects, where more than one batch worth of product is required), the same batch number should be used on the same walls, and the new batch number products should be started on a different wall. This will ensure colour continuity throughout the project.

If different batch numbers of the same product are used on the same wall, very slight variations in colour may be visible. Therefore, this should be avoided to enable the highest quality projects to be completed.

ROCKCOTE ensures to send products with the same batch number(s) to each stockist where possible, and stockists are aware of the importance of batch continuity. However, it is still important to check with your ROCKCOTE stockist that you are receiving wet ROCKCOTE products from the same batch numbers for each of your projects.

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