Introducing Armour Matt

Introducing Armour Matt

ROCKCOTE would like to introduce Armour Matt, which will replace Armour Flat. Armour Matt has been developed with increased crack bridging properties and higher flexibility than Armour Flat. Armour Matt can assist to improve the aesthetics of render finishes and assists in providing long-term durability of the finish and substrate.

Armour Matt has a gloss level of 5 units at 85 degrees. This gloss/sheen level is unchanged from Armour Flat. Application, film build, tinting and other properties of Armour Matt also remain unchanged from Armour Flat.

For partially complete projects, it is recommended to complete the project using Armour Flat.

If a slightly higher sheen level than Armour Matt is desired, continue to use Armour Low Sheen, which also has excellent crack bridging technology. If a stipple finish is desired, Armour Flex should be used.

For purchases of Armour Flat (only required on current, non-complete projects), please be specific in your communications.

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