Introducing ROCKCOTE MgO Board Primer

Introducing ROCKCOTE MgO Board Primer

ROCKCOTE would like to introduce its newest primer: MgO Board Primer. This paint primer is specifically formulated for use on the smooth side of MgO (magnesium oxide) board prior to the application of ROCKCOTE Armour or EcoStyle paints. It is suitable for use both internally and externally and is also environmentally friendly, containing zero VOCs (volatile organic compounds).

MgO Board Primer will increase the adhesion of subsequent coats of paint to the smooth side of the MgO board, as well as assisting in sealing the substrate and enhancing the final paint finish on the board. It is specifically designed to be highly adhesive on the MgO board surface.

For MgO substrate paint systems it will replace ROCKCOTE Solprime as the first step in the system.

As per other ROCKCOTE primers, MgO Board Primer can be applied with a brush or long nap sheepskin roller and is suitable for application over MgO board substrates. Refer to the product TDS for more information.

MgO Board Primer is available in Deep Base in 4L and 15L pails. Contact your local ROCKCOTE Stockist to place an order.

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