Introducing ROCKCOTE Wet Edge Extender in easy pour containers

Introducing ROCKCOTE Wet Edge Extender in easy pour containers

ROCKCOTE Wet Edge Extender is an additive that can be used with ROCKCOTE exterior paints and acrylic textures to increase the working time of the product. Wet Edge Extender slows the drying time of the product to assist in creating an even finish in harsh weather conditions. This can assist in reducing roller marks and picture framing on painted surfaces. It is ideal for use in hot, dry and/or windy conditions to counteract the accelerated drying time.

Wet Edge Extender is ideal for use in ROCKCOTE Armour and ROCKCOTE Solar Protect when there is an advantage in slowing the drying time and increasing the flow time of the product. Wet Edge Extender can be added to these products at the following rates:

  • ROCKCOTE Armour and Solar Protect: up to 40ml per litre (maximum 600ml per 15L pail)
  • ROCKCOTE roll-on textures: up to 30ml per litre (maximum 450ml per 15L pail)
  • ROCKCOTE trowel-on acrylic textures: up to 15ml per litre (maximum 225ml per 15L pail)

To use Wet Edge Extender, simply add the desired amount to your ROCKCOTE product and thoroughly mix. This will evenly disburse the Wet Edge Extender within the product.

To enable easy use and pouring, Wet Edge Extender is now available in 4L drums, and 20L drums with a tap. The 15L Wet Edge Extender pail will no longer be available. 

For more information on Wet Edge Extender, refer to the product TDS, or contact ROCKCOTE on 1300 736 668.

You can order ROCKCOTE Wet Edge Extender through your local ROCKCOTE Stockist.

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