Liquid Carnauba Wax packaging size change

Liquid Carnauba Wax packaging size change

Due to customer feedback, we have changed the packaging size and concentration of ROCKCOTE Liquid Carnauba Wax. ROCKCOTE Liquid Carnauba Wax is now sold in 20L drums that are ready to use and pre-mixed in our recommended concentration.

ROCKCOTE Liquid Carnauba Wax is a water-based emulsion of carnauba wax that can be used over ROCKCOTE Venetian Plaster or ROCKCOTE Otsumigaki for a hard, durable, clear finish.

The new 20L drum comes with a tap for easy decanting. It is already fully diluted and ready to use. Therefore, it does not require the addition of any water before use.

Application and Coverage

The application method for the ROCKCOTE Liquid Carnauba Wax 20L remains the same; however, the coverage has changed, due to the change in concentration:

  • Apply with a standard spray bottle and trowel into the surface until liquid disappears. An orbital sander with a buffing fabric can be used for larger walls, once the Liquid Carnauba Wax has been troweled in.
  • Only one coat should be required initially. Additional coats may need to be added over time.
  • Liquid Carnauba Wax should not be applied if temperatures are below 4°C or above 40°C.
  • On a smooth finished surface of ROCKCOTE Otsumigaki, 1L of Liquid Carnauba Wax will finish approximately 10m2 of plaster.

Please contact your local ROCKCOTE Stockist to place an order for you 20L Liquid Carnauba Wax.

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