New Natural Materials colour: Nishi

New Natural Materials colour: Nishi

Hotel Hotel: Earthen Render Coarse, Nishi colour

ROCKCOTE has released a new colour in our Natural Materials range to reflect the on trend natural concrete colour many customers are seeking in their finishes.

“Nishi” is the popular dusty grey colour used on the Hotel Hotel project in Canberra, giving the walls their slightly industrial, raw yet luxurious look.

To achieve the Nishi colour, an artisan will use a combination of two oxides that can be purchased as part of the standard ROCKCOTE oxide range.

How to achieve Nishi colour with ROCKCOTE Natural Materials

The colour can be used with all products in the Natural Materials range and like any of the ROCKCOTE colours, will vary slightly in tone when used with the different products in the range.

The colour is suitable for use with Venetian Plaster, Marrakesh, Otsumigaki, Velvetina, Earthen Render Medium, Earthen Render Coarse and Clay Plaster Décor.

Following your usual tinting process, add the following per kilogram of Natural Material product:

  • 2.5 grams Black Velvet Oxide
  • 1.5 grams Sandstone Oxide

How to achieve the Hotel Hotel Nishi colour and finish

For a look consistent with the Hotel Hotel project, ROCKCOTE Earthen Render Coarse can be tinted to Nishi colour, with hemp added to deliver a rustic, textural quality. The application method used by the artisan on this project achieved a combination of smoother and more open sections that further enhanced the look.

Artisans seeking to achieve this look on site can use the following as a guide.

For each kg of Earthen Render Coarse:

  • 2.5 grams of Black Velvet Oxide
  • 1.5 grams of Sandstone Oxide and
  • 10g hemp

All of these products can be ordered from ROCKCOTE Direct and are generally carried by distributors that stock the ROCKCOTE Natural Materials range.

This combination of products will enable the artisan to create a similar look and colour to that achieved on the Hotel Hotel project but the final finish will be determined by the application technique of the artisan. Keen in mind that artisans tint their own product on site, allowing flexibility to create a tone that meets the needs of each client and project.

We recommend that all clients sign off a colour and finish sample prior to the commencement of any ROCKCOTE Natural Materials project.

If a customer is seeking the look of the walls in the Hotel Hotel project, it is best for them to speak with an artisan to determine their ability to recreate this finish. Call ROCKCOTE on 1300 736 668 to find a ROCKCOTE Artisan in your area.

Placing an order

The relevant products and codes for order are:

3548      1 bag Earthen Render Coarse

3662      1 x 1kg Black Velvet Oxide

4416      1 x 1kg Sandstone Oxide

5292      1 x Hemp Fines 2kg

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