New Natural Materials trowels

New Natural Materials trowels

ROCKCOTE has introduced a range of new trowels for use with our Natural Materials range. These NELA trowels are made in Germany and recognised for their high level of quality and workmanship.


Finishing and polishing: the NELA PlasticFlex Range

The NELA PlasticFlex trowel is stronger than a traditional Japanese plastic trowel with a standard size trowel handle that is more comfortable in the hand. The blade on the NELA PlasticFlex is 1mm in thickness and has been specially designed for use with plaster. The NELA PlasticFlex will work in conjunction with NELA SuperFlex and is intended for use as a finishing trowel.

This finishing and polishing trowel can be used to achieve polished finishes with ROCKCOTE Marrakesh, ROCKCOTE Venetian Plaster, ROCKCOTE Velvetino and ROCKCOTE Otsumigaki.

Two sizes are available:

Note: These trowels replace the Namikeshi Plastic Trowel (Item ID: #3815)


For finishing plaster: NELA SuperFlex Trowels

The NELA SuperFlex Trowel is a finishing trowel specifically designed for finishing plaster. It's an ideal trowel for finishing ROCKCOTE Venetian Plaster, ROCKCOTE Marrakesh, ROCKCOTE Otsumigaki and ROCKCOTE Velvetino.

It can also be used as a Japanese finishing trowel, and has a more comfortable handle and stronger blade than some other finishing trowels.

Two different trowels are available:


For Venetian Plaster: NELA Venetian Trowels

NELA Venetian Trowels are ROCKCOTE's recommended trowel for the application of ROCKCOTE Venetian Plaster, ROCKCOTE Velvetino and ROCKCOTE Otsumigaki. Trowel edges are pre-rounded and micro polished helping to minimise unintended trowel marks on finishes. This trowel has a BiKoGRIP cork handle and a lightweight aluminium mounting made from a robust special alloy for high stability and easy handling. 

The blade is made from hardened stainless chrome steel for more flexibility and durability.

Three sizes are available:

Note: These trowels will replace the Honyaki Square Trowels which have been discontinued (see below).


Discontinued trowels

Some of the trowels ROCKCOTE has previously offered will be discontinued as follows:

  • Venetian Polishing Trowel Small. ID: #5196
  • Venetian Polishing Trowel Medium. ID: #5197
  • Venetian Polishing Trowel Large. ID: #5198

The Honyaki Square Trowel has been also been discontinued and limited stocks are available until sold out (Item ID: #4068)

ROCKCOTE will continue to keep a limited stock of the Stainless Steel Namikeshi Trowel (Item ID: #4218).

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