New product: ROCKCOTE Otsumigaki natural finish

New product: ROCKCOTE Otsumigaki natural finish

ROCKCOTE Otsumigaki in natural white

ROCKCOTE has drawn inspiration from traditional Japanese interior finishes to develop a brand new product in the Natural Materials range, called ROCKCOTE Otsumigaki.

Otsumigaki (meaning ”polished and compressed”) is an extremely versatile product made predominantly from clay and lime that can be used in interior high traffic areas such as entrances, stairwells and halls where a more durable finish is desired.

Whether you are seeking a burnished polished look, a more natural, textured clay wall or a smooth and undulating finish, ROCKCOTE Otsumigaki can deliver these, along with the character that goes with a natural product.

The product is applied with a trowel in two tight coats and then polished with a Japanese trowel and Carnauba Wax.  

Otsumigaki can be used to create similar finishes to those that could be achieved with ROCKCOTE Clayset. However, ROCKCOTE Otsumigaki comes already mixed and stored in a pail that can be sealed securely between uses. To reactivate, simply add water. As a powder, Clayset goes off in 90 minutes without the ability to reactivate, meaning less working time for our skilled artisans. ROCKCOTE will no longer be making Clayset as Otsumigaki offers enhanced benefitts

The combination of lime and clay components in Otsumigaki gives it the added advantage of being stronger and more durable on the wall. The presence of lime will also help to prevent mould on the finished surface making it perfect for humid or damp conditions.

Finishes that can be achieved with ROCKCOTE Otsumigaki:

  • Lustre
  • Smooth
  • Rustic


Otsumigaki is suitable for use over most interior substrates including brick, block, plasterboard and blueboard with the correct preparation.

It works beautifully with ROCKCOTE Earthen Renders requiring only a preparatory first coat of Earthen Render followed by two coats of Otsumigaki. 

For plasterboard, prepare with zero VOC EcoStyle Sealer/Undercoat with grit to help key the product to the wall and promote adhesion. 


Otsumigaki is easy to maintain. Simply recoat with wax every 12-18 months.


For more information about ROCKCOTE Otsumigaki, check out the link and the Technical Data Sheet.

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