New Sandcote HYDRATECH - water repellent technology

New Sandcote HYDRATECH - water repellent technology

Note 26 March 2018: ROCKCOTE Sandcote HYDRATECH is the new name for ROCKCOTE Sandcote HydroGuard. There is no change in formulation, this is a change in name only. The change will be rolled out during the end of March and April 2018. See news story.

ROCKCOTE‘s best-selling product, Sandcote, is now available with new built-in water repellent technology.

Sandcote HYDRATECH (formerly known as Sandcote HydroGuard) is a new generation Sandcote with water repellency embedded into the chemical composition of the coating, delivering a hydrophobic system.

Most acrylic textures display some level of water permeability, with moisture being absorbed by the coating depending on the conditions and location. Over time, water compromises the coating, contributing to damage, cracking and deteriorating aesthetics as the presence of water attracts dirt and dust.

Sandcote HYDRATECH uses ROCKCOTE’s advanced technology to enable water to bead and run off the surface without penetrating the Coloured Render, eliminating many moisture issues and ensuring the longevity of the coating.

While the traditional system of overcoating render with a top coat provides some protection, scratching or damage to the top coat can expose the coating to unwanted moisture. ROCKCOTE Sandcote HYDRATECH provides water repellency throughout the entire coating, ensuring scratches and minor damage do not lead to water ingress. Sandcote HydroGuard eliminates the need to overcoat with ROCKCOTE Repel.

The same ROCKCOTE Sandcote...only better!

Sandcote HYDRATECH feels the same as the Sandcote that solid plasterers know and love. Sandcote HYDRATECH is easy to distinguish from the original ROCKCOTE Sandcote when both products become wet – compared side-by-side, water beading in raised circles on Sandcote HydroGuard is evidence of its ability to effectively resist moisture. The higher the beads, the greater the water resistance.

Benefits of Sandcote HYDRATECH

  • Long lasting with no need to overcoat
  • HydroGuard technology provides added durability and strength
  • Less water absorbed into the coating reduces dirt and dust pick-up
  • Eliminates the need for application of ROCKCOTE Repel to maintain water resistance

Save time, save money

Why purchase two products when you can purchase one product that does a better job? By selecting Sandcote HydroGuard instead of Sandcote and Repel, applicators can save time and reduce labour costs.

Sandcote HYDRATECH or Sandcote?

Sandcote HYDRATECH is suitable for all purposes and projects where Sandcote would be used.

ROCKCOTE recommends that the ROCKCOTE Sandcote original formulation be used for any projects where the render requires painting or overcoating. Standard surface preparation and systems for ROCKCOTE Sandcote apply for ROCKCOTE Sandcote HYDRATECH.


Sandcote Hydroguard will be packaged in the usual purple ROCKCOTE Coloured Render bucket and is easily distinguished from ROCKCOTE Sandcote by the addition of metallic HydroGuard stickers on the front of the bucket and the lid. See the barcode sticker for confirmation.

ROCKCOTE Sandcote HYDRATECH is available in both Summer Grade and Winter Grade options.

For more information and to place an order, see your local stockist.


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