Pearlcote: A refined, glistening texture finish

Pearlcote: A refined, glistening texture finish

If you’re a fan of ROCKCOTE Sandcote, then you really should check out Pearlcote. ROCKCOTE Pearlcote is a finer version of Sandcote that appeals to those wanting a more refined, smooth and glistening texture finish.

A Coloured Render product, Pearlcote is available in a wide range of colours and painting is not required.

The natural silica in Pearlcote provides a slight sparkle, delivering an attractive natural coloured render finish.

Like Sandcote, Pearlcote is troweled on and float finished (no sponge finishing is required). We recommend that ROCKCOTE Texprime, tinted to the application colour, is used prior to applying Pearlcote.

Pearlcote can be overcoated with ROCKCOTE Repel or Clearcote for added durability and lower maintenance.


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