Premium Ceiling White makes a triumphant return

Premium Ceiling White makes a triumphant return


ROCKCOTE Premium Ceiling White is back by popular demand and has been reformulated to now be the ideal trade ceiling paint for new builds. It is formulated with a ultra-flat finish that looks fantastic after touch ups, and is easy to spray or roll, with low splatter.

The ultra-flat gloss level of Premium Ceiling White means that imperfections in ceilings and in the paintwork are hidden better than when using paints with a higher gloss level. Even under critical lighting, Premium Ceiling White has greater hiding power than its competitors.

Application by trade painters has been considered carefully and optimised based on feedback provided from field trails with trade painters. Applied as a two-coat system, Premium Ceiling White has a long working time, and dries in just 2 hours. It is ideal for spray application with 0.013-0.017 inch spray tips (plus back-roll) or for roller application, and has low splatter. It also has exceptional touch-up and brush ability, which is great news for both trade painters and future inhabitants of the building.

Even more importantly, Premium Ceiling White does not contain crystalline silica, which is found in most ceiling paints. Crystalline silica is harmful to human health and can lead to silicosis. Premium Ceiling White is also low VOC (volatile organic compounds), so in addition to being a high quality trade paint, is also a better choice for the health of the applicator and residents of the building to which it is applied.

Premium Ceiling White has been formulated specifically for application on new ceilings, with the suction rate of new plasterboard taken into consideration in the formulation.

Premium Ceiling White is formulated as a bright white, which can be tinted to a builders white if desired.

For more information about Premium Ceiling White, refer to the product TDS, watch the video, or contact ROCKCOTE today on 1300 736 668.

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