Rental properties no problem for EcoStyle Paints

Rental properties no problem for EcoStyle Paints

Three years ago, Frances Mangleson and business partner, Allan Martin renovated a block of four units in Brunswick Heads, NSW.

Built in the 1950s, with a brick veneer added in the 1960s, the units badly needed refreshing prior to being placed on the rental market.

New carpets were laid and modern appliances installed. The old masonite walls and tired plaster needed some serious patching and a thorough repaint.

Fran, who had previously worked at the Green Building Centre in Byron Bay, was aware of ROCKCOTE EcoStyle Paints and selected them for their non-toxic and zero VOC properties.

Fran and Allan applied EcoStyle in three of the units, using EcoStyle Ceiling White on the ceilings, Low Sheen on all the walls and EcoStyle Gloss on exterior window frames and other trims. China White colour was selected to maintain the traditional 1950s look of the building, accompanied by a brighter white gloss to highlight the trims.

As professional renovators (their business, Base Design and Construction specialises in sustainable and non-toxic renovations), Fran and Allan carry out many of the practical tasks involved in their projects. Fran reflected on how easy EcoStyle Paints were to use.

“The paint is thick so you get really great coverage. Some of the walls in the units were initially pink and green - quite vivid colours. It was a relief to see them covered up so easily,” Frances said.

“Enamel paints tend to go off quickly and leave visible brush marks. Being water based, there was a lot more working time with the EcoStyle Gloss and there were no brush marks.”

Fast-forward three years and several tenants later, Fran said the paint had effectively withstood the tough treatment it had received from the occupants.

“Having tenants in units is pretty stressful on the walls. The EcoStyle is just amazing. Our client can go in and simply wipe the walls down with environmentally friendly cleaner after the end of a tenancy and the paint still looks like new. Stains are removed easily without removing any paint.”

Frances said an added bonus was the ability to touch up without having to repaint entire walls.

“There are occasionally dings to plaster up and some touch-ups here and there and you can’t really see where it has been touched up. The walls can be easily freshened to a brand new state without the need for a full repaint.”

Base Design and Construction continues to use EcoStyle Paints on their renovation and commercial jobs, recently completing an extensive fit out of the Fleet Restaurant, also in Brunswick Heads.

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