Replicating European finishes: lime plaster

Replicating European finishes: lime plaster

Lime plaster buildings in Cinque Terra, Italy

Lime plaster is a highly popular finish for buildings, which has been used throughout history and is still in use today.

Lime plaster has been used extensively throughout both modern and historical Europe and has been used to create natural, coloured building coatings. The bright building exteriors seen throughout Italy are commonly made from all natural lime plaster mixed with coloured oxides. Whereas the more subtle, natural coloured buildings seen throughout the rest of western Europe, including France, are generally coated in lime plaster subtly mixed with oxides of more natural colours.

The use of lime plaster dates back to as early as 7200-5000 BC. Historically, the Egyptians, ancient Chinese, Aztecs and ancient Romans, all used lime plasters. Lime plasters were also used throughout the middle ages in Europe and Great Britain as a principal building material for homes.

The beauty of lime plaster is the history that it can bring to any building, new or old. When used externally, in particular, the use of lime plaster gives the building a graceful, aged patina within a short period of time. The lime plaster adds life, character and movement to the building in a way that cement and acrylic coatings cannot achieve.

These lime plaster finishes can be achieved using ROCKCOTE Lime Plaster Basecote. This all natural product is based on the traditional method of lime plastering developed over centuries by numerous civilisations. Lime Plaster Basecote can be used in conjunction with oxides to colour the plaster. Refer to the Natural Materials Colour Range for options on colour.

Several different finishes can be achieved ranging from a smooth finish to an earthen or rustic heavy undulation. It is suitable for both internal and external use.

To learn more about the application of Lime Plaster Basecote, refer to the Natural Materials Workshops offered by ROCKCOTE. For more information about Lime Plaster Basecote or for contact details of an artisan in your area who can apply Lime Plaster Basecote, please contact ROCKCOTE Customer Service on 1300 736 668.

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