Replicating traditional European features – Venetian Plaster

Replicating traditional European features – Venetian Plaster

Some traditional European finishes have stood the test of time. Venetian Plaster is one of these finishes.

Traditional polished lime plasters such as Venetian Plaster have not only been used throughout Europe by the Mesopotamians, Babylonians, Greeks and Romans, but have also been used throughout Japan and China for centuries. There is even history of similar polished lime plasters 9,500 years ago in present-day Jordan.

Despite their long history, the Romans were the ones who developed the polished lime plaster that we know today as Venetian Plaster to replicate the look of expensive stones such as marble. The knowledge and skills required to create and apply Venetian Plaster as a decorative finish have been passed down from generation to generation, from master artisans to apprentices.

Venetian Plaster finishes still feature heavily throughout Italy today in restaurants, cafés, shops, hotels and homes. It even features throughout other modern European settings, including France and is even the main entrance feature to the Egyptian Antiquities exhibit at the Louvre.

The natural product colour of Venetian Plaster is a highly popular finish in Europe, while some places, particularly in Tuscany, Italy, have really embraced the dramatic look of Venetian Plaster with the use of bright colours such as blue, green, red and even black.

These finishes can be replicated using the ROCKCOTE Venetian Plaster. This Venetian Plaster is an authentic Venetian Plaster with a natural lime composition that is completely natural and contains no Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). Being a traditional Venetian Plaster, it can be used to replicate any of the beautiful finishes that Venetian Plaster has been used for over time, including the expensive polished stone look. However, the skill of the artisan applying the Venetian Plaster will dictate the range of decorative finishes achievable.

To learn more about the application of Venetian Plaster, refer to the Natural Materials Workshops offered by ROCKCOTE. For more information about Venetian Plaster in general, or for contact details of an artisan in your area, please contact ROCKCOTE Customer Service on 1300 736 668.

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