ROCKCOTE Coloured Renders: in a league of their own in the Australian marketplace

ROCKCOTE Coloured Renders: in a league of their own in the Australian marketplace

Sandcote Wall

Don’t be fooled by inferior imitations, ROCKCOTE Coloured Renders are truly in a league of their own in the Australian marketplace. Domestic efforts at competition have generally been by paint manufacturing companies, and their attempts to replicate a similar product have always fallen short. The results have not been actual renders, but rather texture coatings built from cheap styrene acrylic resins. What does this mean? The final, finished product lacks not only the visual appeal, but also the function and durability of the ROCKCOTE Coloured Render range.

Our range incorporates naturally occurring minerals – like marble chip and silica sands - to reflect the depth and textures of natural rock and stone, while also utilising pure acrylic resins for superior performance.  The pureness of these resins ensures flexibility, colour tone, and vibrancy throughout the entire lifespan of the finished product. Furthermore, ROCKCOTE Coloured Renders are fortified to resist the growth of mould and fungus. All of our Coloured Renders are available in four tint bases, allowing for economical and accurate tinting to a full spectrum of colours from soft earthy shades to strong vibrant hues.

Leading the pack within our Coloured Render range is Sandcote. It is no surprise that our premium, flagship Coloured Render product is also our most popular. Blended with just the right balance in composition and suited for any type of building or project, Sandcote embodies the feel and texture of a traditional render while producing a smooth, refined medium sand finish. Sandcote can be tinted or left as-is in its natural colour, with a truly desirable aesthetic effect achieved either way.

ROCKCOTE Coloured Renders are also the only coloured render product in Australia to qualify for a 10 year warranty without subsequent membrane coatings, which then alter the natural-look of the finish with opaqueness. If additional exterior protection is desired however, we recommend using ROCKCOTE Clearcote, which is specifically formulated for use over our Coloured Renders. This product will enhance the inherent sparkle of a finish, rather than hiding it. 

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