Santini White Base improvement

Santini White Base improvement

Based on feedback ROCKCOTE has received, we have now aligned Santini White Base to the same base as ROCKCOTE paint White Base. Therefore, tinted Santini White Base will more closely match other ROCKCOTE products tinted to the same colour.

ROCKCOTE endeavours to provide consistent quality across all of our product ranges. With this improvement to Santini White Base, the ROCKCOTE Coloured Render range product bases now all align to the same bases as ROCKCOTE paints. Therefore, on projects where multiple finishes are used on the one product, customers can be confident that these different finishes will provide colour consistency that is as close as possible between textures.

It is important to note that finishes with different textures and different grain size will always appear to have slight variations in colour, even when bases are aligned and they are tinted to the exact same colour. This is due to the differences in lighting on the finish and the shadows created by the different finishes and grain sizes.

If you are part way through a Santini project (using Santini White Base), it is recommended that you continue to use the original formulation of Santini White Base to complete your project. The original formulation of Santini White Base will be available for a limited time. Please specify to your local ROCKCOTE Stockist when ordering Santini if you require the original formulation of Santini White Base. 

The improved version of Santini White Base is now available and can be ordered through your local ROCKCOTE Stockist.

For more information on Santini, tinting ROCKCOTE products or how lighting impacts colour, please contact ROCKCOTE Customer Service on 1300 736 668.

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