Velvetino is now Velvetina

Velvetino is now Velvetina

ROCKCOTE has changed the name of the Natural Materials product Velvetino to Velvetina.

Another company in a different industry was using the name so ROCKCOTE has decided to proactively make the change.

ROCKCOTE Velvetina is a strong, fine-grained decorative plaster finish with a distinctive velvety appearance. With less drama than Venetian Plaster, and harder drying characteristics than Otsumigaki, Velvetina is designed to produce a low lustre finish with a serene, natural look.

It can be used as a two-coat finishing system or as a base coat for ROCKCOTE Venetian Plaster.

There are no changes to packaging or formulation.

For more details on this product, please see the ROCKCOTE Velvetina page.

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