We're no greenies - we just know better business

We're no greenies - we just know better business

Celebrated sustainable business ROCKCOTE guiding new generations 

YANDINA: THEY are the Sunshine Coast business with a $20M turnover heralded by world leaders for inspiring real homes and businesses that won’t cost us the earth – literally.
Now ROCKCOTE is helping guide future generations of innovators and leaders.

The Yandina manufacturer of quality renders, walling systems and non-toxic paints has a raft of prestigious accolades that include awards from the United Nations, the International Real Estate Federation, and the Queensland Premier’s Award for Outstanding Contribution to Sustainable and Regenerative Business Practices in the Built Environment.  

And ROCKCOTE is on track to be the first fully sustainable and regenerative company on the planet. 

Just don’t call ROCKCOTE founder and manager Bob Cameron “a greenie”.
“I’m not a greenie - I would even challenge if this is an environmental approach. It’s simply a better business approach,” he says.

“We should live and work in tune with nature, in buildings built in accordance with her laws, emulating her designs, harnessing her natural energy flows and respecting her limits,” Mr Cameron said.

Figures released this month from the Australasian Cleantech Review show the cleantech industry generates more than $32.5 billion in revenue annually and employs 58,000 people.

But ROCKCOTE was already well ahead of the rest when Bob began the business in his back shed at Yandina 30 years ago, pioneering the use of premixed cement renders.

Prior to the turn of the 21st century and long before it became cool, Bob and his sceptical team began to produce products that were environmentally safe and safe to people’s health, culminating in the 2013 launch of the “Natural Materials Range” based on clay, lime and other renewable ingredients such as straw, hemp, bamboo, wheat and even volcanic ash.

Today, ROCKCOTE renders textures and paints are available from more than 400 distributors across the country: all still manufactured for tradesmen by tradesmen at their Yandina plant.

In response to their outstanding success, Bunnings has stocked ROCKCOTE products in 250 stores since 2012. 

As testimony to this success, Bob and the ROCKCOTE team are now mentoring students from Gold Coast, Bond University and our own Sunshine Coast University helping “pave the future” of sustainable building design and development

It’s a long way from a certain fortuitous three-year-old who created the family’s paving to the farm outhouse by mixing ash from the fire.

“We have forgotten how to produce our foods without herbicides, our homes without acrylic resins and health without medicine…..All you have to do is apply a little technology and science to make it compatible with the modern world, inherantly safe, beautiful and economical.”  

Bob and his wife, business partner and Australian Businesswomen’s Hall of Fame recipient Chris say they are living proof a successful international business can be run from the Sunshine Coast. 

“There is an enormous amount of talent coming out of the Sunshine Coast University that we have been able to employ and a lot of infrastructure with the Airport being upgraded and the Bruce Highway being upgraded,” Chris says.

“It will make it even easier for us to do business.”


Article and Photo courtesy of Ems Creative


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