When to use Rockbond 27

When to use Rockbond 27

ROCKCOTE Rockbond 27 is an acrylic-bonding agent. Rockbond 27 is specifically designed as a primer to be used prior to the application of render on highly porous substrates. It can also be added to specified cement renders to increase adhesion and strength.

When used as a primer for render, Rockbond 27 decreases the suction of the substrate, allowing a more even coat of cement render to be applied. This can be important on highly porous substrates such as AAC blocks and panels, on core filled fibre cement, or on brick or block substrates to reduce the suction of mortar joints.

Rockbond 27 is ready to use, with no need to add water if using as a primer. It includes thickeners and de-foaming agents to enable ease of application with a roller. When rolled onto a substrate, it will ensure even suction of subsequent coats of render. Rockbond 27 will dry clear, and must be dry prior to over-coating.

To increase strength and adhesion, Rockbond 27 can also be added to ROCKCOTE Quick Render Grey, Quick Render Off White, Quick Render Fine and Quick Float if mixed in at a ratio of 20% in their liquid gauging mix.

Rockbond 27 is available in 20L drums and can be ordered through your local ROCKCOTE Stockist.

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