When to use ROCKCOTE Masonry Primer

When to use ROCKCOTE Masonry Primer

ROCKCOTE Masonry Primer was formulated for use on masonry substrates to minimise the effects of alkalinity and to improve the overall performance of overcoats and aesthetics of systems. It provides applicators with more working time, greater adhesion to the substrate, and greater control over the working environment. It can also help to reduce picture framing and roller marks or tracking.

Masonry Primer is a high performance, full acrylic primer for use over properly prepared substrates such as brick and block, AAC Panel, blueboard fibre cement sheeting, AFS core filled fibre cement, and Ritek core filled fibre cement.

It is an ideal primer to be used prior to application of Armour and over ROCKCOTE Premium and High Performance Membrane Render Systems. It therefore is designed to be applied over ROCKCOTE finishes including Polymer Render Grey, Santa Fe, Trowel OnAcrylic Texture Fine, Medium or Coarse, Flexi Tex Medium, Quick Render, Fast Float Finish Medium, and Fast Float Finish Classic.

Masonry Primer is highly recommended for use on broad wall areas on appropriate masonry substrates to reduce the potential impact of alkalis on the aesthetics and quality of the system. It also improves the quality of systems on appropriate masonry substrate systems when used on non-broad wall areas. Masonry Primer ensures uniform coverage and colour consistency of topcoats.

ROCKCOTE has a range of primers that are intended for use for different purposes. If ROCKCOTE Masonry Primer is not suitable for your project, you may require ROCKCOTE High Opacity Primer, Anti Efflorescent Primer, Solprime, or Rust Inhibiting Primer. Refer to ROCKCOTE’s System Guide for a system suitable for your project, or contact ROCKCOTE for a Specification customised for your project. 

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