When to use ROCKCOTE Texprime

When to use ROCKCOTE Texprime

ROCKCOTE Texprime is designed as a primer to be applied prior to the application of the ROCKCOTE Coloured Render range. ROCKCOTE Texprime is a paint with grit that assists to increase the ease of application of the ROCKCOTE Coloured Render range and increases the colour consistency of the finish.

To achieve a highly colour consistent finish, the ROCKCOTE Texprime should be tinted to the same colour or a similar colour to the ROCKCOTE Coloured Render top coat(s). ROCKCOTE Texprime is available in 2 bases, so it is tintable to a wide variety of colours.

The colour consistency is achieved through changing the colour of the entire substrate to ensure that the original colour of the substrate does not affect the final look of the finish. The use of ROCKCOTE Texprime in a ROCKCOTE Coloured Render system is highly recommended to ensures a nicer, cleaner finish.

As most primers do, ROCKCOTE Texprime also reduces the suction of the substrate, increasing the coverage rates achievable by the subsequent coat(s) of ROCKCOTE Coloured Render. This also increases the working time of the ROCKCOTE Coloured Render.

For a ROCKCOTE Coloured Render Specification for your project, contact ROCKCOTE today on 1300 736 668.

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