Become a ROCKCOTE Artisan

Become a ROCKCOTE Artisan

Working with ROCKCOTE natural materials is a highly specialised skill that requires product-specific training. By developing natural building materials compatible with modern construction, we are supporting the revival of the traditional plaster arts and the stunning finishes that were brought to life by the ancient artisans.

Upon completion of a two-day workshop and onsite experience, licenced tradespeople in the architectural coatings field can be recognised as an Artisan to work with ROCKCOTE’S range of natural materials. Artisans become part of our artisan community, a close network of skilled craftspeople supported and nurtured by ROCKCOTE.

Please note that Artisan certification applies to an individual tradesperson, who has completed the one of the Natural Materials workshop and other required steps. Artisan certification is not granted to a company or business, always to an individual as it is the skill of the individual that is developed through this program.

Benefits of joining the A​rtisan community

  • Shared knowledge and experience on what works, the types of projects completed, how to solve or avoid issues with products
  • Leads can be shared more easily from ROCKCOTE to the artisans and between artisans
  • You will be part of a genuine community of people passionate about working with natural materials and have the benefit of discussion and exchange of ideas and skills
  • You will become a closer part of ROCKCOTE’s product development team and can influence the direction of us and our products


STEP 1: Natural Materials Workshop for Applicators

Completing ROCKCOTE’s two-day Natural Materials Workshop for Applicators is the first step towards becoming a ROCKCOTE Artisan. Two workshop types are available:

  • Introduction to Earthen Finishes (for tradesmen wanting to become Earthen Artisans)
  • Introduction to Polished Finishes (for tradesmen wanting to become Polished Artisans).

The workshops are run over two days and cover information on the various ROCKCOTE Natural Materials that can be used to achieve the Earthen or Polished type finishes. They also cover systems, product preparation, surface preparation, mixing and storage, tinting with oxides and tips on quoting natural materials projects.

See our Natural Materials Workshops page for more information and upcoming dates.

STEP 2: On site experience

Experience working on the job with ROCKCOTE Natural Materials is an integral part of becoming a ROCKCOTE Artisan. Working on site on different projects and locations provides more detailed knowledge of product application than can be taught in a two-day workshop. Recognition as an artisan is about producing a consistent high level of workmanship on the job and taking responsibility for the finishes you create.

During the learning process, many tradespeople who plan to become artisans choose to work alongside experienced artisans to gain experience and enhance the product based skills learnt in the workshops. ROCKCOTE supports and encourages this transfer of knowledge.

Depending on your area of interest, you may wish to strive for certification as an Earthen Artisan, Polished Artisan or both. 


Awarded for completion of 100 square metres of ROCKCOTE Natural Materials in Earthen, Rustic and Smooth finishes.


Awarded for completion of 100 square metres of ROCKCOTE Natural Materials in Lustre and Glass finishes.


Awarded for completion of 800 square metres of ROCKCOTE Natural Materials in Lustre and Glass finishes.


Artisan certification is awarded at ROCKCOTE's discretion. The following conditions apply:

  • All jobs completed must use an approved ROCKCOTE specification
  • It is the artisan's responsibility to keep track of the number of square metres completed and provide evidence to ROCKCOTE (based on specifications and receipt of product purchases)
  • Completion of each job covers application and full payment by the client. Client feedback will be taken into consideration.
  • Artisan certification can only be attributed to an individual tradesperson, not a company or business.

Natural Materials Workshops for Building Professionals

Are you an architect, designer or traditional building enthusiast and want to learn more about natural building materials? Join our specialist team for a two-day Natural Materials Workshop for Building Professionals. Ideal for architects, designers and traditional building enthusiasts or home owners who want to learn more about working with natural building materials and gain a greater understanding of their potential. 

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