The 2014 Banksia Awards: ROCKCOTE's Natural Materials Range

The 2014 Banksia Awards: ROCKCOTE's Natural Materials Range

ROCKCOTE has been announced as a finalist in the 2014 Banksia Sustainability Awards for our Natural Materials Range. This is the third in a series of blog posts that reflect on our application and provide some insights into why the range was developed, and its benefits.

This post provides an overview of the products in the range, their features, and why we believe they are better than standard coatings.

As a result of our ‘Reseek & Develop’ process, ROCKCOTE has successfully launched a full range of products designed to work together in complete natural coating systems. The range is called ‘ROCKCOTE’s Natural Materials’, and includes the following products.

Natural renders used to straighten walls and can be left as they are or finished with our Decorative Finishes


ROCKCOTE’s Natural Renders are authentic earthen renders made from clay and lime, compatible with modern and traditional construction methods.

Our Natural Renders impart a textural warmth, honesty and authenticity, naturally. We combine modern technology and ancient methods to produce natural, durable renders.

Earthen Renders are a natural earthy loam colour and can be tinted with oxides onsite if required. Coloured sands, quartz, marble chips, dry straw, crushed glass and other decorative elements can be added to create stunning unique effects.


Lime Plaster Basecote is specified as a base coat for ROCKCOTE Marrakesh and ROCKCOTE Lime Wash. However it can also be used as an interior or exterior lime render for heritage work giving the finish of a more vintage, older finish (where ROCKCOTE Marrakesh gives a more modern, polished finish).

They are easy to use, contain no cement and are free of dangerous chemicals. They have very low embodied energy (energy necessary for the entire product life-cycle) and are fully recyclable which means they can be returned to the earth after use. The natural composition also means that they can play an active role in improving internal air quality.

Decorative Finishes used to beautify and protect the wall


This amazing building material is more environmentally friendly and economical than cement, and is also carbon neutral. Like cement, lime gives off carbon dioxide during manufacture. Yet, unlike cement, lime actually re-absorbs carbon dioxide when it sets making lime an ideal choice for conscious living.

Lime is burnt at a lower temperature than cement in the production process and therefore produces 20% less carbon dioxide. The carbon dioxide that is produced is then reabsorbed back into the lime plaster to create limestone.

Lime or earthen finishes are essential in the building of any natural house, including straw bales, timber and earth. It allows the building to “breathe”. Water can escape by evaporation, unlike cement where water can only escape by being absorbed into the bricks, risking damp and substrate erosion.

Lime Plasters include Marrakesh and Venetian Plaster.


Clay plasters can create stunning effects ranging from a rustic earth natural clay to a smooth, polished finish.

Clay plasters are porous, allowing the building structure to breathe. They have a thirst for moisture that helps to regulate relative humidity in the atmosphere, improving air quality and resisting mould growth.

They create a healthier indoor atmosphere by releasing healthy negative ions into the air.

Earth-based finishes can also be positive for psychological well-being. They are inherently sensuous, meaning they enliven our senses and in an indirect way, bring us back into contact with the natural world. These finishes are dynamic and sensitive to the environment and can respond to changes in temperature and levels of humidity. They even have the ability to absorb toxins from other materials and bind odour, such as cigarette smoke, to decrease levels of indoor pollution.

Clay Plasters include Clayset and Clay Plaster Decor.

ROCKCOTE’s Natural Materials range is the first full range of commercially available, Australian-made natural building products. Building on our experience in the industry and knowledge of building systems, we have formulated a range of natural interior and exterior coating systems that can be used on both contemporary and traditional style buildings.

Not only has ROCKCOTE created the products, we have developed the optimum systems for using those products over a range of substrates – from blueboard, to brick and through to mud brick and straw bale – and manufacture or supply all the elements of those systems to offer a full system that aligns with our business philosophy.

While the products in ROCKCOTE’s Natural Materials range offer all of the environmental and health benefits already outlined, they go one step further by also delivering stunningly beautiful finishes including seamless finishes for bathrooms. Check out our galleries for some of the amazing completed projects:

Hotel Hotel, Canberra

Etsu Izakaya, Gold Coast

Natural Designer Home, Casuarina

Moroccan-inspired home, Noosa

Marrakesh bathroom, South Australia

The Modern Artisan Gallery, Bundaberg


Image: Hotel Hotel, Canberra, Earthen Render Medium, Nishi Blend. Photography: Ross Honeysett. Artisan: Paul Geach. Designer: Don Cameron.

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