The 2014 Banksia Sustainability Awards: the story of ROCKCOTE’s Natural Materials Range

The 2014 Banksia Sustainability Awards: the story of ROCKCOTE’s Natural Materials Range

ROCKCOTE has been announced as a finalist in the 2014 Banksia Sustainability Awards for our Natural Materials Range. This is the first in a series of blog posts that reflect on our application and provide some insights into why the range was developed, and its benefits.

By developing the natural Materials Range, ROCKCOTE’s ultimate goal is to help people create buildings that don’t poison people with fumes, the soul with tawdriness or the earth with waste. We aim to prove that human health does not need to be sacrificed in the name of profits and they must coexist.

We are doing this by creating an entire range of interior and exterior architectural coatings, suitable for the harsh Australian climate and challenging contemporary architecture, from simple, natural materials.

ROCKCOTE’s Natural Materials Range draws on the longest serving building materials that nature has to offer; clay and lime; to create beautiful interior and exterior finishes that don’t compromise our health, the environment or beauty.

By returning to these ancient and natural building materials, we can eradicate plastic paints and Portland cement from our walls altogether.  This development has the potential to revolutionise the Australian construction industry to be a safer, healthier, more beautiful and enjoyable industry to live and work in.

Imagine spaces that cleanse, not poison the air. Buildings that can be returned to the earth with no evidence of their existence, rather than mountains of concrete and painted plasterboard rubble. Children raised in homes from the earth rather than homes of toxic chemicals and air- tight plastic boxes.

The standard within our industry is:

  • Harmful chemicals off-gassed from paints into interior spaces
  • Increasingly air-tight spaces created by plastic lined walls that eliminate healthy air flow and encourage the growth of mould and mildew
  • The relegation of human health in preference of corporate profits
  • A relentless cycle of “fashions” encouraging painting and repainting again in a couple of years to “keep up” and “refresh” – waste upon more waste
  • Ultra flat, low build paints marketed and sold that are deliberately unfit for their intended purpose as exterior coatings
  • Very high embodied energy in the manufacture of cement based coatings

Plastic and cement could never be described as beautiful. Their ugliness underlines their unsuitability for our world, let alone the most intimate spaces of our homes

With ROCKCOTE’s Natural Materials range, we have:

  • Eliminated all VOCs and harmful chemicals
  • Provided products that clean the air and regulate humidity and natural air flow
  • Eliminated the need for titanium dioxide
  • Created products that can be reused or returned to our gardens when finished

In my next post I will talk more about how we developed the Natural Materials Range drawing from some of the best building materials nature has to offer.

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