Design Centre Gold Coast

Design Centre Gold Coast

The ROCKCOTE Design Centre in Nerang demonstrates that an industrial development can be truly beautiful and fully sustainable. ROCKCOTE has transformed a piece of land - once described as derelict - into a community asset and a showcase for ROCKCOTE's architectural coatings and Natural Materials.

Based on core values of biomimicry, radical waste reduction, integration and non-compromise, the project was planned to achieve the maximum efficiency with the minimum of external inputs. 

Emphasis was placed on creating high levels of comfort and beauty to engender wellbeing and improved productivity. 

Key Elements

The buildings themselves are oriented to allow winter sun into the main work areas, while in summer they are shaded and open to cool breezes. External walls and roof areas are well insulated, the walls incorporating large volumes of thermal mass to moderate temperatures. 

Interior walls are clay rendered and ROCKCOTE's EcoStyle paints and coatings have been used throughout ensuring good indoor air quality.


The Design Centre features a beautiful, elegant solution: no moving parts, no wires or posts...simply place an array of silicon panels towards the sun to provide the energy needed. As a result, the Design Centre is energy positive (ie. produces more energy than it uses). 

Other energy saving initiatives include ROCKCOTE's RRR-EPS 60 energy efficient light weight walling system and RRR-EPS 40 composite concrete tilt-up walls (combining high insulation with high thermal mass on the inside to moderate temperatures).

"People say there is a water and energy crisis...there isn't. All we've got is a crisis of logic."- ROCKCOTE Managing Director, Bob Cameron


Rainwater is collected from the roofs and stored in tanks with around 100,000 litre capacity. The initial runoff is diverted to gardens by a first flush system. Drinking water is processed through a micro filtration system.

Waste and Water Treatment

Conventional practice accepts that 85% to 99.9% of what is produced in modern industrial processes is waste. ROCKCOTE views waste as a resource, recognising that in nature there is no such thing as waste, the by-product from one process becoming the raw material for the next.

All sewage and trade waste-water from the Design Centre is treated on site. Reclaimed water is used for flushing toilets and for irrigating the living walls and living paving areas.

The Gardens

The gardens including the living paving and living walls, are an integral part of the Design Centre and provide fresh organic food for staff and visitors as well as flowers and foliage for the office and showrooms. No herbicides, pesticides, chemical fertilisers or GM modified plants are used.


  • National President's Award, UDIA National Awards for Excellence, 2006
  • Citation from the Environmental Protection Agency, 2005 - in recognition of leadership in sustainable practices
  • Energex Award for Excellence in Sustainable Development, 2005
  • UDIA Award (Qld) for Excellence in Sustainable Development, 2005
  • Year of the Built Environment for Queensland - Government Award, 2004
  • Year of the Built Environment Premiers Award (Qld), 2004
  • UDIA Champion Project for Sustainable Development, 2002

ROCKCOTE acknowledges the contribution of UDIA, EPA, BCC, participants in the Queensland Sustainable Development Program and all the suppliers, designers, builders, tradesmen and staff that made the completion of this project a reality.




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