ROCKCOTE, apart from being our company name has become the generic term for top quality renders, coloured renders, acrylic texture coatings and environmentally friendly, people safe paint since 1979.

​Why choose ROCKCOTE over other similar products?

ROCKCOTE is Australia’s foremost manufacturer of specialist architectural coatings, environmentally friendly paints, natural materials, coatings and walling systems.

Recognised as an innovator and market leader within the industry, ROCKCOTE has devoted substantial resources to research and development to manufacture products which are acknowledged as world leaders in both technology and quality.  Locally and internationally, ROCKCOTE’s success is attributed to our hands on approach to product development.

We believe that our products not only out-perform many others available but that each of our products must be formulated for maximum efficiency and ease of application.

Ahead of the rest, ROCKCOTE’s products, people and buildings have been recognized for their innovation, leadership and environmentally friendly business practices by way of many local, national and international awards


Where can I get ROCKCOTE products?

You can buy direct from ROCKCOTE Head Office on the Sunshine Coast Queensland by visiting our manufacturing plant at 18 Machinery Road Yandina or phoning your order through on 1300 736 668 have product delivered.

Check out our Australia wide stockists.  We also have a selected product range through Bunnings stores.

​ I want my builder/architect/designer to use ROCKCOTE. How do I obtain a specification?

Many specifiers and builders are familiar with the ROCKCOTE range of products and would already have information on hand to assist them when specifying the right  system for your project but if not, they can visit the Tech Info page.

Alternatively they can call us Toll Free on 1300 736 668 and speak with our customer service department and if required organise a visit from one of ROCKCOTE’s Business Development Managers.  

How do I find a ROCKCOTE preferred applicator?

Easy, just phone ROCKCOTE Head Office on 1300 736 668 or speak to your distributor.

What colours are available?

You can select from any standard paint chart.  If you can’t find a colour to suit your needs, have one of our trained staff mix a sample for you.

​Do ROCKCOTE products come with a guarantee?

All Rockcote products carry a manufacturer’s product guarantee when applied by an approved applicator and in accordance with the product’s technical specification.  This guarantee is available in writing and is assurance of a high quality product.

Our goods come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law.  You are entitled to a replacement or refund for a major failure and compensation for any other reasonable foreseeable loss or damage.  You are also entitled to have the goods repaired or replaced if the goods fail to be of acceptable quality and the failure does not amount to a major failure.

Can I get a sample of a ROCKCOTE product?

Yes, by calling either your nearest ROCKCOTE outlet or our toll free number on 1300 736 668 or email your request to us along with your full name, address and phone number and we will forward to the team in the ROCKCOTE Colour Room. 

​Are ROCKCOTE products Australian made?

Yes, all ROCKCOTE products are made on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland by a family owned company.  ROCKCOTE does have a  licensee in New Zealand who manufacturers the ROCKCOTE range exclusively for that country.

Can ROCKCOTE be overcoated?

Yes.  Should you wish to change the colour of your building or change the profile of the existing texture, all ROCKCOTE products can be overcoated with other ROCKCOTE finishes or with high quality acrylic products available on the market.

Can a ROCKCOTE finish add value to my home?

As shown many times over, a decorative architectural coating can certainly add value to a property, in some cases, tens of thousands of dollars.  Real Estate Agents have advised us that texture coated properties are more readily saleable commodities than their brick counterparts.

Can I apply ROCKCOTE myself?

ROCKCOTE recommends that all products are applied by an approved ROCKCOTE applicator.  However, there are a number of DIY (do-it-yourself) type products in the ROCKCOTE range. Any of the EcoStyle products in our Healthy Paints range are able to be applied in the same manner as standard paint.  A competent handy man could apply our pre-mixed renders like Quick Render and Skimcote and perhaps a number of the texture type finishes which do not require a high skill level.  

Before you attempt to apply any of the ROCKCOTE range of products yourself, make sure that you have the appropriate technical specification for the product selected, see Technical Info - and if you have any additional questions call ROCKCOTE’s Customer Service Department on Toll Free 1300 736 668.   ROCKCOTE cannot guarantee products applied by a non-trade qualified person.

How can I select the product most suitable for my project?

Once you have decided on the style (eg. Mediterranean, Santa Fe) that suits your needs and project,  call us Toll Free on 1300 736 668 to find out the ROCKCOTE product or system that will best suits your needs - or reder to the ROCKCOTE System Guide. A sample of your selected product can be made in the colour of your choice.

What surfaces can I apply ROCKCOTE over?

ROCKCOTE products are suitable for most building substrates such as concrete blocks and bricks, clay bricks, tilt-up panels, AAC (autoclaved aerated concrete eg. Hebel blocks and panels), fibrous cement sheeting (fibro/Harditex/blueboard), polystyrene, concrete, gyprock and many of the new building surfaces such as straw bale.  Refer to the ROCKCOTE System Chart for specifications or contact ROCKCOTE toll free on 1300 736 668 or email us.

Do ROCKCOTE products fade?

Whilst ROCKCOTE uses the highest quality pigments available, in time most colours will fade and dependent on the colour, some may fade more quickly than others.   Generally fading is even and not noticed unless an original colour sample is placed next to “aged” product.  

​Is ROCKCOTE the same as paint?

Whilst ROCKCOTE does have Healthy Paints and Membranes and Clear Finishes that are applied in the same manner as paint, ROCKCOTE is known for its high quality renders, coloured renders, acrylic texture coatings and natural materials range.  

Note: ROCKCOTE Coloured Renders and Texture Coatings are thicker (have a higher film build) than paint, enjoy a longer life than paint and have aesthetic qualities that can’t usually be achieved with a standard paint product.  

​Can ROCKCOTE be used on floors, driveways & swimming pools?

No, ROCKCOTE products have been specifically formulated for wall & ceiling surfaces only, you must go to a specialist manufacturer for these type of products.  

Are ROCKCOTE products waterproof?

ROCKCOTE coatings provide a water repellent barrier against wind driven rain but are vapour permeable, meaning any moisture trapped in the building can escape back through the coating, allowing the building to “breathe”.

To have a totally waterproof property would be like living in a plastic bag.

​Are ROCKCOTE finishes low maintenance?

Yes.  Generally, we recommend periodic cleaning.  A build-up of dust and dirt on any building surface is unsightly and can permit mould & fungus to take hold.  A regular maintenance schedule should involve hosing down or occasional hand cleaning using every day household cleaning utensils.  With regular maintenance a Decorative Coating will deliver a long, trouble free life.  Regular maintenance can also alleviate the need to use harsh and dangerous solvents or acid cleaners when a major clean is in order.

Refer to the Rockcote General Maintenance Guide http://www.rockcote.com.au/sites/default/files/ROCKCOTE%20Maintenance%20Guide.pdf

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