Naturally Beautiful Buildings

Naturally Beautiful Buildings

ROCKCOTE's 40-year journey began with an ambitious quest: to revive the natural beauty of iconic architectural coatings skilfully crafted five centuries ago by the great fresco and plaster artists of the Renaissance.

To do this while designing products for Australia's harsh climate required us to nurture a unique approach to R&D.

Highly successful, our innovative philosophy - which we call Reseek and Develop - has become the defining quality of our culture. 


Embrace ancient knowledge and traditional skills. 

ROCKCOTE draws inspiration from the enduring creativity of the early artisans whose relationship with their materials was key to delivering stunning finishes. We support and nurture the skills of tradespeople who use our products by designing formulations that save time and money, delivering a beautiful job that continues to look good and perform well into the future.

Live in harmony with Mother Nature, mimic her. 

ROCKCOTE's innovation seeks to understand and use natural design principles to reduce our impact, helping others to do the same. Our production plants were constructed with energy efficiency and waste minimisation in mind, and are self-sufficient in water. Our EcoStyle Paints are classed very low VOC and non-toxic while products in our Natural Materials range are also very low VOC and non-toxic.

Be judicious with modern science and technology.

ROCKCOTE's approach to product formulation is to use just enough advanced technology to ensure our products meet the demands of our punishing Australian climate and are compatible with modern construction materials and methods. By using the best quality raw materials we reduce the amount of harsh chemicals needed to deliver outstanding performance.

Revive the use of natural materials.

We believe that nobody wants poisons and toxins in their indoor or outdoor environments. Our pioneering work developing natural building materials for today's buildings using clay, lime, hemp and straw is changing the landscape of Australian building. Architects, designers and home owners are seeking out natural building materials which are beautiful, contain no poisons and actually help clean the air.

Help people create naturally beautiful buildings that don't cost the earth.

A naturally beautiful building respects nature's limits and design principles. Every element of the design and construction process is considered and integrated through conscious collaboration. ROCKCOTE works with our partners to help bring these elements together and provide quality natural finishes that deliver remarkable lasting beauty.

ROCKCOTE is a signatory to the Australian Packaging Covenant for smarter packaging, less waste and a cleaner environment.


ROCKCOTE's Commitment to our environment and community

ROCKCOTE is committed to:

  • Creating products from natural and easily-renewable resources, without harmful chemicals, toxins and additives
  • Ensuring our products perform to the highest standards of quality, durability and ecology
  • Devoting substantial resources to research and development to maintain our leading edge
  • Enhancing our communities, leaving the environment better than we found it

We believe...

...we should live, work and play in tune with nature, in buildings built in accordance with her laws, emulating her designs, harnessing her natural energy flows and respecting her limits

...buildings should celebrate life over sterility, restraint over extravagance, beauty over tawdriness

...finishes should not poison the air with fumes nor the soul with artificiality crafting spaces that delight when entered, embody serenity when occupied and create regret upon departure

We believe that people thrive when living close to nature.

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