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Rendering in cold weather

Weather conditions have an impact on the curing of render. For example, at 25°C and 50% relative humidity, render should dry and cure as per the information provided on the product’s technical data sheet (TDS). However, cooler, drier conditions may lengthen the curing time of the same render...

COVID-19 Update



2019 Christmas holiday order/delivery deadlines

Our office will close at 12 noon on Tuesday the  24th December 2019 and reopen at 8 am Thursday, 2nd January 2020.

If you require stock to be delivered prior to Christmas please place your orders with ROCKCOTE Direct prior to the dates and times...

Cerano Product Update

Exciting News! We have reformulated Cerano to allow it to be tinted to a wide range of colours. 

The same performance, the same excellent quality, the same stunning Cerano that you know and love, just more choice . 

Available from the 7th of October 2019.

Visit the...

House Rules 2019 Give Back House

At ROCKCOTE we are proud supporters of our community and pride ourselves on giving back where we can. 

This is why we are so pleased to have been involved with Channel 7's House Rules for there Give Back House, that saw the remaining teams rebuild the family home of Graham, Mary and...

How to tint ROCKCOTE Venetian Plaster using Antica Signoria tints

Antica Signoria (AS) liquid tints are high quality, water based tints suitable for tinting ROCKCOTE Venetian Plaster.

Colour fast and alkali resistant, Antica Signoria tints offer total dispersion in the material, unlike powdered pigments,...

Marrakesh Product Update | April 2019

Product specifications have been updated. Click read more for details or refer to the Natural Materials Systems Guide.

ROCKCOTE awarded title of a CCIQ ecoBiz 3 Star partner - 2018

ROCKCOTE has officially been named as an CCIQ (The Chamber of Commerce and Industry Queensland) ecoBiz 3 Star partner, also known as a ‘Champion Star Partner’.

CCIQ ecoBiz is a program that assists businesses to reduce their power and water consumption, and waste generation. It...

Sandcote HydroGuard will become Sandcote HYDRATECH 

The technology used in the popular water repellent version of Sandcote is being renamed from HydroGuard to HYDRATECH. As a result, Sandcote HydroGuard will be renamed to Sandcote HYDRATECH. There are no changes to the product formulation, this is a change in the name of the technology only.

When to use meshed beads

On lightweight substrates susceptible to movement, such as blueboard, beads are highly recommended on corners to assist with the aesthetics of the final finish. However, sometimes when movement occurs, standard beads may still come away from the substrate, causing cracking.

Tips and tricks for cleaning interior paint work

Cleaning your interior paintwork can help to keep it looking new for longer. The sheen level of your paint will help determine the methods for cleaning. Read on for tips and tricks for cleaning the different sheen levels of paint. 

Introducing Tuscany Trowel On Coarse

ROCKCOTE would like to introduce Tuscany Trowel On Coarse. This product is an extremely coarse acrylic render that is available at selected stockists in New South Wales and Victoria.

Membranes are the best paints for render

Choosing the best paint for rendered homes

Paint on a rendered home is not just there to look good. It protects both the coating system and your home.

Render and paint systems consist of several layers that work together. The right products, adequate surface preparation, sufficient adhesion and correct application all play a...

Quick Render Fine formulation update

The ROCKCOTE Quick Render Fine formulation has been changed. This product is now made with a blend of Portland cement, which provides a much creamier and...

Smooth Set entryway

Which product to use for your smooth finish

Smooth finishes are a stylish feature in any space. ROCKCOTE has a range of products that will achieve a smooth look finish, which trained renderers can apply. These products can achieve concrete look finishes, add a bit of glamour to what would have been a matt wall, or add spectacular colour...

EcoStyle VOC classification change

After reviewing Australian and overseas standards, ROCKCOTE has determined to change the VOC classification for all paints in the EcoStyle range from “zero VOC” to “very low VOC” in line with recognised Australian classification standards such as APAS.

Formulations have not changed...

Chris Cameron recognised by HIA Award

ROCKCOTE Director, Chris Cameron has been officially honoured by the Housing Industry of Australia (HIA) with a special 'Outstanding Achievement in the Industry' Award at the 2017 HIA QLD Recognition of Women in Building and Construction Awards.

The Award was presented by ...

New Look EcoStyle 1L Labels

ROCKCOTE EcoStyle 1L pails have a new look that aligns with the 15L and 4L design. 

Velvetino is now Velvetina

ROCKCOTE has changed the name of the Natural Materials product Velvetino to Velvetina.

Another company in a different industry was using the name so ROCKCOTE has decided to proactively make the change.


New Natural Materials trowels

ROCKCOTE has introduced a range of new trowels for use with our Natural Materials range. These NELA trowels are made in Germany and recognised for their high level of quality and workmanship.


Finishing and polishing: the...


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