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Repel now available in 20L drums

ROCKCOTE Repel is now available in 20L drums. These drums will be supplied with a tap for easy dispensing and will replace the current Repel 15L bucket. 

Introducing Armour Matt

ROCKCOTE would like to introduce Armour Matt, which will replace Armour Flat. Armour Matt has been developed with increased crack bridging properties and higher flexibility than...

New Sandcote HYDRATECH - water repellent technology

Note 26 March 2018: ROCKCOTE Sandcote HYDRATECH is the new name for ROCKCOTE Sandcote HydroGuard. There is no change in formulation, this is a change in name only. The change will be rolled out during the end of March and April 2018. ...

Acrybond is available in 20L, 15L & 4L

When to use ROCKCOTE Acrybond

ROCKCOTE Acrybond has multiple purposes, including as a primer on highly absorbent substrates, and it can also be added to ROCKCOTE Quick Render Grey or Quick Render Fine, Quick Float or Quick Render Off-White to increase adhesion and strength.

Introducing ROCKCOTE's new representative

Representing Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania, Eric Sobol is the newest ROCKCOTE Business Development Manager.

Bag render and wet weather

Remember to keep bagged render dry until it is ready to be used. This is particularly important to remember now that cold and damp winter conditions are on the way.

Facebook weekly product features

ROCKCOTE’s Facebook page is featuring a new product every week – providing information and advice for use of the product as well as an ‘Image of the Week’ where we invite you to submit your images of the product features for your chance to win. 

Liquid Carnauba Wax packaging size change

Liquid Carnauba Wax will now be sold in 20L drums, and will not require any further dilution.

Reminder: call 1300 736 668 for enquiries & customer service

We would like to remind everyone that the number to call for ROCKCOTE enquiries or customer service is 1300 736 668. 

Acrybond now available in 20L drum

Due to popular demand, ROCKCOTE Acrybond is now available in a 20L drum. 

Oxides and tinting the Natural Materials range

Oxides are used to tint the ROCKCOTE Natural Materials colour range. Read on to find out about what you need to consider when selecting a colour for your Natural Material project.

ROCKCOTE Quick Render FR substrate use changes

The TDS for ROCKCOTE Quick Render Fibre Reinforced (FR) has been updated to reflect the substrates that it is and is not suitable for application over.

Jamie Byrne & Jessica Peck

Introducing ROCKCOTE’s new Queensland representatives

ROCKCOTE would like to introduce our new State Manager; Business Development for Queensland, Jessica Peck, and our new Sunshine Coast Business Development Manager, Jamie Byrne.

When to use ROCKCOTE Anti Efflorescent Primer

ROCKCOTE Anti Efflorescent Primer provides an effective barrier coat against efflorescence that can arise from site mix render and mortar joints. 

ROCKCOTE Christmas trading hours

ROCKCOTE will be closed on Friday 11th December from 12 noon and will reopen normal trading hours from Monday 14th December. We will then be closed from 12 noon Thursday 24th December and reopen on Monday 4th January 2016. Read on to find out essential dates for orders over this period.

The importance of batch continuity

Very slight variation in colour can occur between different batches of wet product. It is important to ensure that you receive wet product from the same batch number for your project to ensure high quality finishes can be achieved.

Introducing ROCKCOTE’s new Operations and Technical Manager

ROCKCOTE would like to introduce our new Operations and Technical Manager, Mark Howard. We are looking forward to his contribution to the continuous improvement of ROCKCOTE.

Different substrates react differently under the same conditions

Heat variation of substrates

Some substrates may be more affected by heat than others, which can have an impact on their potential thermal expansion. If not considered in the design and construction phases of projects, this could lead to cracking, and other long-term issues.

How to rinse a ROCKCOTE bucket and dispose of product properly

Learn about the best methods for disposing of your excess paint and texture that are not only environmentally responsible, but will also help you avoid fines.

Earthen Render upgrade

ROCKCOTE Earthen Renders have become popular for their beauty, economy and ease of use. A new formulation makes them even more versatile, allowing them to be tinted to a wider range of colours.


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