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Rental properties no problem for EcoStyle Paints

Three years ago, Frances Mangleson and business partner, Allan Martin renovated a block of four units in Brunswick Heads, NSW. Built in the 1950s, with a brick veneer added in the 1960s, the units badly needed refreshing prior to being placed on the rental market.

Natural Materials Workshop

Nurturing the craft of the artisan

There is a good reason why ROCKCOTE refers to people who work with our natural materials as artisans. Working with natural building materials is a highly skilled process that requires comprehensive knowledge of building systems, application techniques and an understanding of individual...

New Green Tradies™ Program launched by the Green Building Institute

Thousands of trades people and trade contractors will now able to receive training in sustainability through a new program called ‘Green Tradies™’,  developed by the Green Building Institute.

The Green Tradies™ Program has...

The condition of your substrate affects choosing ROCKCOTE coating systems for AAC (Hebel)

The condition of your substrate will have a great effect on the ROCKCOTE system you will need to follow, particularly when applying product over AAC (more commonly known as Hebel). Check out the guides in this article to find out the best practice for this substrate and how to get the optimum finish.   

The importance of sealing around windows and control joints

To prevent moisture leaking through your walls and to allow for slight movement and contraction of render to occur, it is very important to ensure that windows and control joints are properly sealed with a paintable, flexible sealant.

Welcome Parvis – Technical Sales Consultant NSW

This month we welcome Parvis Adelpour who has joined the ROCKCOTE team as Technical Sales Consultant. Parvis is based out of Sydney so will be mostly servicing the NSW region. 

Business Management for Trade Contractors Workshops

The Australian School of Finishing Trades in conjunction with ROCKCOTE are running some upcoming courses on Business Management for Trade Contractors in Nerang, Gold Coast, QLD. These courses are for anyone working in the QLD Construction Industry and looking to gain a Trade Contractor Licence from the Queensland Building and Construction Commission. 

We're no greenies - we just know better business

Celebrated sustainable business ROCKCOTE guiding new generations 

YANDINA: THEY are the Sunshine Coast business with a $20M turnover heralded by world leaders for inspiring real homes and businesses that won’t cost us the earth – literally.
Now ROCKCOTE is helping...

Want formal qualifications for your trade skills? Convert on the job training into qualifications

The program, which is a fully funded Construction Skills Queensland initiative, is aimed at workers and career seekers from the building and construction industry who have developed significant skill levels and abilities throughout their careers, although hold no formal qualification recognising their experience. ATTC can identify the skills participants already hold, and then provide gap training that is needed to meet the requirements of the relevant qualification.

What's in your paint? Why it's important to look for non toxic, low VOC paint

Most contemporary buildings such as homes and offices feature an array of painted surfaces but what’s concerning is that a lot of paint contains nasty ingredients that can potentially have serious consequences for human health.

ROCKCOTE EcoStyle...

Quick Render Fibre Reinforced cements itself in the Quick Render range

Another product has been added to our popular Quick Render range. Quick Render Fibre Reinforced has been developed specifically for high suction substrates. It is primarily used on Hebel and core filled fibre cement sheet trade name products such as AFS and Ritek.

Glancing light – how to avoid it

Glancing light occurs when either natural or artificial light hits a flat wall from a parallel angle. It casts shadows on the wall, which give the appearance of an uneven wall with many imperfections. This article gives many examples of glancing light and a few quick tips on avoiding it. 

Builders – we need your leftover EPS

Are you a builder or do you work on a job site where there is a lot of waste EPS. No longer do you have to pay to dump it. We want your rubbish. Get in contact with ROCKCOTE and will organise to take it off your hands.

ROCKCOTE Smooth Set gets a refresh

ROCKCOTE Smooth Set has really taken off with customers continuing to request the ‘polished concrete look’. The formulation has recently been changed and it is now being made on White GP Cement instead of the Off White (HE) Cement giving it a longer pot life and working time. Smooth Set also has a new bag and will soon be seen on shelves in the bag below. 

PM100 High Build new bag and volume

ROCKCOTE PM100 High Build has received further product development at the end of last year. The product is now lighter and the new bag weight is 9kg, while the yield remains the same.

The product is now a lower density, which means the product can give greater yield (go further or build higher on the wall) without adding weight. It will also be packaged in a larger bag to allow 12kg of product. This means the bags will be more stable on the pallet and allow more product to be sent per pallet (80bags at 12kg versus 80 bags at 9kg).

Bright colours? Tint your primer!

If your desired finish colour is a bright colour, it is important to tint the primer you are using with the same colour as you want for the finished look to avoid 'show through' of a white primer underneath. This should also eliminate the need for a third coat of paint..

ROCKCOTE Otsumigaki in natural white

New product: ROCKCOTE Otsumigaki natural finish

ROCKCOTE has drawn inspiration from traditional Japanese interior finishes to develop a brand new product in the Natural Materials range, called ROCKCOTE Otsumigaki.

Otsumigaki (meaning ”polished and compressed”) is an extremely versatile product...

2014 Christmas closure notice

ROCKCOTE will be closed from midday Wednesday 24 December 2014 and reopening on Monday 5 January 2015.

How to best apply ROCKCOTE EcoStyle Paints

This video put together in collaboration with Green Painters demonstrates how to best apply our EcoStyle Paint range. It is valuable information for applicators using EcoStyle, demonstrating the application techniques that will provide the best results when using EcoStyle.

Acrylic Texture Medium formulation modification

The ROCKCOTE Acrylic Texture (Medium) formulation has recently been modified, resulting in an easier product to finish with less scratching from the float. It has a tighter sand finish and can also be sponged if required.


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