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Glancing light – how to avoid it

Glancing light occurs when either natural or artificial light hits a flat wall from a parallel angle. It casts shadows on the wall, which give the appearance of an uneven wall with many imperfections. This article gives many examples of glancing light and a few quick tips on avoiding it. 

ROCKCOTE Smooth Set gets a refresh

ROCKCOTE Smooth Set has really taken off with customers continuing to request the ‘polished concrete look’. The formulation has recently been changed and it is now being made on White GP Cement instead of the Off White (HE) Cement giving it a longer pot life and working time. Smooth Set also has a new bag and will soon be seen on shelves in the bag below. 

PM100 High Build new bag and volume

ROCKCOTE PM100 High Build has received further product development at the end of last year. The product is now lighter and the new bag weight is 9kg, while the yield remains the same.

The product is now a lower density, which means the product can give greater yield (go further or build higher on the wall) without adding weight. It will also be packaged in a larger bag to allow 12kg of product. This means the bags will be more stable on the pallet and allow more product to be sent per pallet (80bags at 12kg versus 80 bags at 9kg).

Bright colours? Tint your primer!

If your desired finish colour is a bright colour, it is important to tint the primer you are using with the same colour as you want for the finished look to avoid 'show through' of a white primer underneath. This should also eliminate the need for a third coat of paint..

ROCKCOTE Otsumigaki in natural white

New product: ROCKCOTE Otsumigaki natural finish

ROCKCOTE has drawn inspiration from traditional Japanese interior finishes to develop a brand new product in the Natural Materials range, called ROCKCOTE Otsumigaki.

Otsumigaki (meaning ”polished and compressed”) is an extremely versatile product...

How to best apply ROCKCOTE EcoStyle Paints

This video put together in collaboration with Green Painters demonstrates how to best apply our EcoStyle Paint range. It is valuable information for applicators using EcoStyle, demonstrating the application techniques that will provide the best results when using EcoStyle.

Acrylic Texture Medium formulation modification

The ROCKCOTE Acrylic Texture (Medium) formulation has recently been modified, resulting in an easier product to finish with less scratching from the float. It has a tighter sand finish and can also be sponged if required.

ROCKCOTE liquid bonds

Liquid bonds are bonding agents that are designed to be added to our Quick Render range to increase adhesion and strength of the product. This article clarifies what liquid bonds we make and sell and why.

Pearlcote: A refined, glistening texture finish

If you’re a fan of ROCKCOTE Sandcote, then you really should check out Pearlcote. ROCKCOTE Pearlcote is a finer version of Sandcote that appeals to those wanting a more refined, smooth and glistening texture finish.


Preparing brick substrates for render

The plasterers’ craft is one which shows the individuality of the workman’s touch, an essential feature, a desideratum justly regarded as a matter of high importance at the present time. It is a craft which demands exercise of the brain as well as skill of hand. ROCKCOTE Technical Advisor Garry Hill talks about the importance of correct identification and preparation of brick substrates  prior to rendering – including absorption rates and surface dampening

The products you know and love are now even better

ROCKCOTE has recently invested in a substantial upgrade of our Dry Mix Render Plant, resulting in even more consistency and reliability in our pre-blended cement render products. The benefits for customers include a Quick Render range that is better suited for sponging, a more consistent product, and better next day hardness.

Important information: sand changeover and Invoice changes

We would like to advise customers of two important changes that will be taking place during June and July. ROCKCOTE is now sourcing new raw materials and investing in technology that provides more consistent sand profile and predictable sponge finishing. We are scheduled to install the technology in our sand processing plant during the week commencing Monday 23rd June to Monday 30th June 2014.

Check before you apply

ROCKCOTE warrants systems over many different substrates provided they have been installed according to manufacturers’ specifications. Being aware of the correct installation procedures can ultimately save you a lot of money.

Winter brings different drying times for renders and textures

With winter upon us, it is important to be aware that renders will cure more slowly and acrylic textures will dry more slowly during cold, damp weather. Cooler climates can affect the time these products take to cure due to decreased air and substrate temperatures.

ROCKCOTE EcoStyle a winner for Taylor School

There were celebrations for students and staff of Taylor School, Canberra at the start of the school year as they returned to their original building after a major refurbishment.

Achieve an exceptional rendered finish with ROCKCOTE Flexi Tex

ROCKCOTE Flexi Tex is a versatile cement based texture that delivers a cost effective, attractive sand finish. Flexi Tex is an excellent alternative to acrylic based textures and will control most forms of cracking.

Product Information: new fibreglass mesh

ROCKCOTE has changed its mesh supplier due to feedback from customers. The new 5mm by 5mm mesh is better quality, more rigid and cuts better.

Christmas holiday order/delivery information

The management and staff of ROCKCOTE would like to thank all of our suppliers, distributors and customers for their ongoing support in 2013. As always, your support is greatly appreciated.

All About Colour: Team Profile – Stu Mckneil

The on-trend colour is grey, in all its possible shades according to ROCKCOTE’s Stu Mckneil.

As the sample maker in ROCKCOTE’s Colour Room, Stu watches various trends come and go. Right now, the off-form concrete look is getting a lot of attention.

“This trend is also...

Revealed: ROCKCOTE's new website

We’ve taken on board feedback from our customers, distributors and other website users and launched a brand new website.

Regular users of the site will notice some brand new features and we hope this will help you navigate through ROCKCOTE’s extensive product range to find the...


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