ROCKCOTE Polished Finishes

ROCKCOTE Polished Finishes

Customised plaster finishes that make a statement

Character, style and elegance

Polished finishes bring a distinctive look to any home or commercial development. Highly reflective, with a sense of depth that cannot be achieved with paint, polished plaster finishes are handcrafted and customised for each project.

Elegant and sophisticated, polished plaster finishes are an ideal choice for statement areas such as feature walls, columns, façades, reception counters, splashbacks and entries.

From a warm, natural aesthetic to a bold, dramatic polished concrete look, polished finishes bring life and personality to a space.

Polished finishes are achieved by applying natural or cement-based plasters or renders by hand, then polishing to a luminous shine. A variety of different ROCKCOTE products can be used to achieve a highly polished, glass appearance (ROCKCOTE Venetian Plaster) or a deep lustrous look (ROCKCOTE Marrakesh, Otsumigaki, Velvetina or Smooth Set).

Polished finishes complement the use of timber, exposed brick or clay as well as add character and style to painted areas.

Ideal for:

  • interior and exterior feature walls (check product information regarding suitability for exteriors)
  • ceilings
  • retail environments
  • cafes and restaurants
  • shop fronts/facades and reception areas
  • columns
  • bathrooms
  • bench tops and splashbacks
Levels of polish for polished plaster finishes

The light reflective properties of a polished surface offer different effects from various angles. The amount of light reflected depends on the product and the level of finish achieved during the polishing process.

The terms Glass and Lustre are used to describe the main types of finish achievable based on the level of polish. 


Glass finish

A reflective, highly polished finish, also described as a mirror finish and is the highest polish finish available. This look is best achieved with Venetian Plaster (pictured), finished with Carnauba Wax.

Lustre finish

A slight sheen or glow that reflects soft light at different angles. Marrakesh, Otsumigaki and Velvetina from the Natural Materials range; and cement-based patching compound Smooth Set (pictured) can be used to achieve this look. Smooth Set can deliver the highest level of shine from these lustre finish options.

Get the polished concrete look

The polished concrete look made popular by cafes and restaurants across the country is now appearing in contemporary homes and apartments. Using polished plaster to achieve a concrete look brings sophistication to this contemporary aesthetic.

This look is ideal for feature walls, exterior columns, ceilings, reception areas, shop fronts and bathrooms.

Products from the Natural Materials range will generally produce a more warm, welcoming, natural concrete aesthetic due to their lime and lime/clay based formulations. In contrast, concrete-based products such as Smooth Set deliver a colder, urban concrete look. 


Venetian Plaster: Glass finish

A dramatic polished concrete look with the highest level of polish available.

Different effects can be achieved including lighter and darker areas.

Use: interior and exterior. Not suitable for shower walls or areas where water pools.

Image: Venetian Plaster raking marble finish


Smooth Set: Lustre finish

A contemporary polished concrete look with consistent colour and a flatter appearance.

Concrete based product that can achieve a hard finish for full exteriors.

Use: interior and exterior.

Image: Smooth Set exterior feature wall 


Marrakesh: Lustre finish

A natural, seamless aesthetic that will continue to patina with age. 

Popular for bench tops, bars, facades and fireplace surrounds.

Use: interior and exterior. Suitable for benchtops, splashbacks and full bathrooms. 

Image: Marrakesh concrete look table, Etsu Izakaya


Otsumigaki: Lustre finish

A dreamy, soft look with slight undulations. Formulated from natural lime and clay.

Suitable for residential and commercial settings.

Use: interior only.

Image: Otsumigaki Japanese plaster concrete look wall



Impressive interiors: feature walls and ceilings

Polished feature walls can be used to bring to life a wide range of styles, including contemporary, luxury, minimalist, earthen, industrial, traditional or Mediterranean.

They can warm up a space, delivering a cosy mood, or help to achieve a bolder industrial look.

Smooth Set can be used in contemporary homes to create bold polished concrete feature walls, nicely offset by white painted walls and natural timber.

The application of products in the ROCKCOTE Natural Materials range, such as Otsumigaki, VelvetinaVenetian Plaster and Marrakesh, is an art with artisans able to create tailored, timeless, naturally beautiful pieces that are unique to your space. Each product has its own unique features. Refer to the product pages via the links for full details.

For inspiration check out these images of the apartment completed by Caro & Kingi on The Block, featuring ROCKCOTE Venetian Plaster extensively.

Impressive interiors: bathrooms

ROCKCOTE Marrakesh is the polished finish of choice for bathrooms. Create a seamless bathroom where the smooth curve of one element flows into another, evoking a sense of ease and continuity not felt in a standard bathroom.

Being a plaster, Marrakesh can be shaped by hand, allowing the artisan to create a range of softer effects not achievable with tiles. The plaster formulation also removes the need for grout.

Using Marrakesh in functional areas such as bathrooms and kitchens requires a highly skilled Artisan who has extensive experience applying Marrakesh for similar applications. The process of sealing Marrakesh is both a science and an art to ultimately achieve a lustrous, water repellant finish.

See our article ROCKCOTE Marrakesh as a functional finish for bathrooms and kitchens for further information.

ROCKCOTE Venetian Plaster is also suitable for splashbacks and walls in wet areas but not suitable for shower walls or areas where water pools such as floors, shower floors and bathtubs.


Impressive interiors: bars, bench tops and splashbacks

With similar characteristics to marble, a Marrakesh bench top or splashback can be a stunning addition to an indoor or outdoor kitchen, barbecue area, bar or restaurant. 

The character and versatility of Marrakesh make it particularly suitable for homes or restaurants where a polished concrete or marble finish is sought. Its natural patina gives the finish character that will continue to develop as it ages.

See ROCKCOTE Marrakesh as a functional finish for bathrooms and kitchens for further information.

A Marrakesh bar is a bold centrepiece at the Etsu Izakaya restaurant and bar on the Gold Coast – Etsu Izakaya gallery.

Nando’s at Australia Fair achieved a natural stone look for its condiments counter using Marrakesh – Nando’s gallery.

Personality for retail and restaurants

Polished plaster isn’t just a beautiful finish; it’s a talking point, a finish people want to reach out and touch.

As retail stores and restaurants move away from standard paint and plastic shop fit-outs to something a little more attention-grabbing, polished finishes are appearing more regularly coupled with bespoke furniture, recycled timber, washed bricks, repurposed steel and natural textures.

The versatility of polished plasters makes a wide range of different effects possible, bringing a distinctive personality to each project. From logo and signage backdrops, to product display walls, bench tops and statement bars, the possibilities are endless when your ideas are in the hands of a creative artisan.

Some of our favourite polished finishes for retail and restaurants:

Venetian Plaster: a unique highly polished way to highlight products against a mirror finish while creating the appearance of a larger, more open space. Suitable for feature walls, columns and ceilings as well as exterior facades and entry areas.

Marrakesh: graceful and seamless, ideal for handcrafted and decorative feature walls, columns, stairwells, fireplace surrounds and reception desks. Marrakesh is equally capable of embracing the bold, industrial look for bars and tabletops.

Otsumigaki: create the perception of textural depth in a smooth, flat surface. Subtle elegance that gives the walls life yet allows the surrounding elements to speak for themselves. Ideal for full interiors, features and ceilings.

Smooth Set: a strong, bold, polished concrete look can be achieved off the trowel for walls, feature walls and columns. A variety of effects from busy to a more gentle patina to a consistent colour can be achieved.


Specifying polished finishes

The right product for your project depends on a number of factors that your ROCKCOTE representative, artisan or applicator can guide you through.

  • Location: Is your project located inside or outside, in a high traffic area or a wet area?
  • Substrate: What type of wall (eg. bricks, plasterboard, etc.) will the finish be going over?
  • Is the finish for functional or decorative purposes? Decorative finishes are for ornamental and aesthetic purposes such as interior walls, fireplace surrounds and columns. Functional areas such as bathrooms and kitchens are under constant scrutiny and thus require a very high standard of workmanship. 
  • Desired aesthetics: It is helpful to have an idea of the polish level, look sought and whether you would like it to remain consistent or patina with age. 
  • Composition: If non-toxic, zero VOC, natural finishes are important, products from the ROCKCOTE Natural Materials range such as Venetian Plaster, Marrakesh, Velvetina and Otsumigaki are recommended. If a high performance product is needed for a punishing environment, a cement based product such as Smooth Set should be used.

Colour selection for polished finishes

  • Natural Materials: There are 16 colours in ROCKCOTE’s Natural Materials Colour Range, all of which are produced with natural, powdered oxides. However colour options extend far beyond this range and can be created for specific projects by the Artisan. For more details on Colouring Natural Materials read our article Oxides and tinting the Natural Materials range.
  • Smooth Set: Although ROCKCOTE Smooth Set is not a Natural Material, it can also be tinted to the limited range of colours in the Natural Materials Colour Range. It is most commonly tinted to a range of concrete greys.

The importance of full ROCKCOTE systems

ROCKCOTE makes products that work exceptionally together to ensure the best possible finish for your substrate. To achieve the ideal polished finish, a full ROCKCOTE system should be used. Some products are not suitable for use over particular substrates. Functional finishes and exterior finishes may require additional protective coatings to ensure the longevity and performance of your coating.

Refer to the ROCKCOTE Systems Guide for guidance and contact ROCKCOTE on 1300 736 668 for a complimentary specification for your project.

The role of the artisan or applicator

The application of Natural Materials by ROCKCOTE is a highly skilled process that requires experience working with natural building products and systems. ROCKCOTE strongly recommends that all of our Natural Materials be applied by a licensed tradesperson who has extensive experience in applying the product for a similar application to the project at hand, ideally a trained ROCKCOTE Artisan. A professional tradesperson with experience in achieving polished finishes is recommended for projects utilising Smooth Set to achieve a polished finish.

Maintaining polished finishes

Each product mentioned on this page has its own unique features and characteristics so it is essential to follow ROCKCOTE guidelines for appropriate and recommended use to ensure the finish looks amazing for many years to come.

Do not use bleach, mould removers or any other store bought chemical cleaners on any ROCKCOTE polished finish.  Surfaces may be cleaned with a biodegradable soap and water solution applied with a soft, moist cloth. Do not scrub or use scourers or harsh applicators.

To address any stubborn stains or damage, contact ROCKCOTE or the artisan or applicator who completed the work for guidance.


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