High performance membrane paint

ROCKCOTE Armour is a heavy duty, highly flexible, exterior wall paint, designed specifically for harsh Australian conditions.

More durable than a standard exterior paint, Armour acrylic membrane paint has been formulated with both thickness and flexibility (slight elasticity) that helps to bridge minor cracking. This means Armour offers greater protection against the expansion, contraction and movement experienced by all building substrates, helping to minimise visible surface cracking and possible associated water ingress.

ROCKCOTE Armour is an ideal exterior paint for commercial, body corporate and home exterior paint projects including:

  • full ROCKCOTE render and paint systems for new homes
  • body corporate developments and refurbishments
  • house repaints: adding new life to existing rendered homes
  • refreshing fibre cement weatherboard homes
  • commercial projects

Armour is an integral part of any ROCKCOTE render and paint system, adding a breathable finish that seals the underlying render and provides lasting protection.

It is also ideal for adding new life to existing rendered homes, with a ROCKCOTE exterior repaint system. With the right preparation, Armour can help correct discolouration on existing render. 

ROCKCOTE Armour is applied in the same manner as standard exterior acrylic paint and can be applied by nap roller, brush or spray gun (refer to TDS for recommended spray tips). Information on application for different substrates can be found in the TDS. See Technical Article: Cutting in and Avoiding Picture Framing. Armour can be tinted to any colour.

ROCKCOTE Armour is available in the following sheen levels:

  • Armour Low Sheen
  • Amour Matt (previously Armour Flat)
Body corporate refurbishment: Armour Low Sheen
ROCCKOTE Armour Low Sheen in a coastal setting
ROCKCOTE Render and Armour Low Sheen
ROCKCOTE Render and Armour system
Render and Armour Low Sheen: new apartments
Flexitex and Armour exterior paint on a new home
Render and Armour, Gold Coast refurbishment
Flexitex and Armour membrane paint: new home
Armour exterior wall paint on a new build
  • Water based
  • Excellent flexibility
  • Vapour permeable
  • High level of water repellency
  • Excellent colour retention
  • Long term exterior protection
  • Mould resistant
  • Scuff resistant
  • Easy to use
  • Low maintenance and easy to clean (refer to ROCKCOTE Maintenance Guide for details)
  • High resistance to cracking
  • Will provide a standard low profile paint finish over substrates such as brick, block, ROCKCOTE renders and textures, concrete, cement sheeting and AAC panels/blocks
  • Designed to be used where a high level of crack resistance and a high level of protection against water ingress is required
  • Can be used interior and exterior. ROCKCOTE recommends using EcoStyle Paints for interior projects.

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