Clay Plaster Decor

Clay Plaster Decor

ROCKCOTE Clay Plaster Decor is a truly beautiful fine finishing clay plaster with built-in marble dust that glistens in the presence of ambient light.

An earthen-look plaster with a smooth finish, Clay Plaster Decor adds a textural warmth to the interior of any building - from a traditional straw bale home to the most elegant modern building.

Its subtle beauty makes Clay Plaster Decor an ideal plaster finish for full interiors and a natural alternative to painted walls. It is also suitable for ceilings.

Beautiful and unique effects to suit the project can be created by adding relevant objects during application such as coffee beans; marble or quartz chips; shells; and clean, dry wheat or hemp.

While Clay Plaster Decor is most commonly used for smooth and rustic finishes, it is possible to achieve handcrafted bespoke shapes with a geometric, textured appearance or smooth, gentle coutours.

This natural clay plaster is non-toxic and free from Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) making it ideal for people who care about the health of their families and the occupants of offices and residential buildings.

Finishes: Rustic or Smooth

Undulations: Level, Lightly Undulating, Heavily Undulating


  • Clay Plaster Decor can be used to decorate walls without paint - delivering a smooth, consistent plaster finish
  • Interior walls and ceilings
  • Complete interiors where an alternative to paint is sought
  • Features
  • Fireplace surrounds
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