Earthen Render Medium

ROCKCOTE Earthen Render Medium is a natural material formulated to create a natural earth plaster finish over modern substrates. The medium formulation is produced without the coarse aggregates in Earthen Render Coarse, making it more suitable for use in conventional buildings where a smoother textured look is desired.

ROCKCOTE Earthen Render Medium is the ideal choice for architects seeking a natural clay render for use in commercial developments. The durable, easy maintenance finish make it ideal for hotels, cinema and theatre foyers, and reception areas. 

It's tactility and warmth add a stunning natural aesthetic that brings a sense of relaxation and ease to any space. In modern homes, Earthen Render Coarse can be used to create unique seamless fire place surrounds and textured feature walls.

ROCKCOTE Earthen Render is supplied in an off white colour that can be tinted to a wide range of colours using natural oxides. 

ROCKCOTE Earthen Render can be used to achieve a classic rendered finish, trowel float or sponge finish with the unique appeal that only natural renders can deliver. It can be painted with ROCKCOTE Clay Paint or Lime Wash, or left in its natural state. It can also be overcoated with other ROCKCOTE natural materials.

Finishes: Earthen or Rustic

Undulations: Level, Lightly Undulating, Heavily Undulating

  • Tactility and warmth add a stunning natural aesthetic that brings a sense of relaxation and ease to any space
  • Can be used to achieve a range of specialist finishes and textures
  • Durable, easy maintenance finish
  • Ideal for use over many substrates due to its high adhesion
  • Off white colour base can be tinted to a wide range of colours using natural oxides
  • Authentic rustic, natural clay finish
  • Allows surfaces to breathe and helps improve indoor air quality
  • Ideal for people conscious about their health and the health of their families
  • Helps moderate humidity
  • Maintains conditions that do not support the growth of mould
  • Suitable for use over properly prepared substrates such as brick, block, concrete, AAC, panels/blocks, plasterboard, straw bale and bamboo lath
  • Suitable for interior use only
  • Can be coloured with oxides
  • Can have added coloured sands, quartz, marble chips, dry straw, crushed glass and other decorative elements up to 10% by volume for added aesthetics

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