Fungicidal Wash

Fungicidal Wash

ROCKCOTE Fungicidal Wash is an effective water based treatment for killing moss, lichens and all commonly occurring fungi and algae.

Fungicidal Wash is ideal for use on concrete, brickwork, stone, acrylic render, painted surfaces, cement or terracotta roof tiles, metal roofs and most other building materials. It should be used on substrates requiring removal of moss, lichens, fungi and/or algae, and substrates that require a fungicide between the substrate and the surface coating.

Fungicidal Wash is required for pre-treatment of roofing substrates prior to application of a ROCKCOTE Solar Protect membrane system.

  • Ready to use
  • Water based treatment
  • Acts as a residual fungicide between the substrate and surface coating
  • Effectively removes moss from roof, guttering, downpipes and driveways
  • Safely treats algae stains on masonry, brickwork, rendering and paint work
  • Gently removes lichen from carvings and decorative stonework

ROCKCOTE Fungicidal Wash is suitable for cement and terracotta roof tiles, metal roofs, concrete, acrylic render, painted surfaces, brickwork, stone, and most other building materials.

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