Honyaki Square 
Trowel 0.3mm

Honyaki Square 
Trowel 0.3mm

Concomitant with the spread of natural plastering in Japan, trowels were developed for various purposes. At the end of the Edo period, with the dissolution of the samurai class, the production of swords was forbidden.  Highly skilled sword black smiths, in turn, shifted their emphasis to carpentry and plastering tools.  To this day, Japan is known for its exquisite carpentry and plastering tools.  With over 100 different types of trowels, Japan probably hosts the largest variety of trowels on the planet. But unfortunately, with the spread of mass produced commercial building materials and tools, the demand for hand forged trowels has decreased. And as a result, the number of craftsmen who produce these fine tools are dying.

Honyaki steel is renowned for its hardness, elasticity and resiliency. The square shape is more common in the west.

NOTE: This item has been discontinued. Limited stock available. 

Length: 270mm  

Item ID: #4068

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