Lime Wash

Lime Wash

ROCKCOTE Lime Wash provides a breathable decorative finish that penetrates into the underlying substrate, delivering a long-lasting, robust coating.

Lime Wash has been used for centuries on the exterior and interior of all types of buildings. Recreate the aged patina look reminiscent of a traditional Greek seaside building; or the heritage character of a Sydney terrace home. It is perfect for heritage projects, refurbishments or commercial developments, particularly where Council requires new construction to maintain a heritage aesthetic. Additionally, lime wash can be an effective and innovative method to finish more modern surfaces such as a kitchen, courtyard or outdoor living area.

ROCKCOTE Lime Wash is suitable for use over Lime Plaster Basecote or Earthen Render as well as timber and most other substrates. 

A versatile product, different looks can be achieved by a skilled artisan including cross-hatching, a scalloped shell look, burnishing or a standard rolled finish.

Lime Wash is uniquely beautiful, incredibly bright and gives off such a depth of colour that it appears to shine.

Finish: Flat

  • Made based on an original recipe
  • Suitable for interior and exterior surfaces
  • Contains no added VOCs
  • Can be tinted to a wide range of colours (some fading may occur depending on pigments used)
  • Develops a unique patina, unrivalled by modern coatings
  • Allows surfaces to breathe as it has high vapour permeability
  • Has natural anti-bacterial properties due to the high alkalinity of the coating
  • Will re-absorb carbon dioxide from the air
  • Compatible with a wide range of building surfaces, including brick/block, plasterboard, Off-form concrete and stonework
  • Ideal for overcoating
  • As a coating for ROCKCOTE Lime Plasters, lime based render, stucco and limestone, Lime Wash is in many ways comparable in nature to the underlying material, with similar porosity, alkalinity and coefficient of thermal expansion
  • Lime Wash can help to consolidate friable limestone surfaces

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