Premium Ceiling White

Premium Ceiling White

ROCKCOTE Premium Ceiling White is a premium two coat ceiling white paint formulated for interior use. ROCKCOTE Premium Ceiling White is ideal for use over new plaster board and does not require a sealer.

Formulated for the trade painter, it is ideal for spray and back-roll or roller application, with low splatter. Premium Ceiling White has a long working time and only 2 hour drying time, and excellect touch-up capabilites once dry.

This crystalline silica free, low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) acrylic paint formulation is also beneficial to the health conscious trade painter looking for a quality paint. These health benefits are also felt by residents of the building long after application of Premium Ceiling White. 

Formulated from high grade components, this emulsion based product provides maximum adhesion to most surfaces and dries an ultra-flat finish with excellent opacity.

  • Safe/low odour
  • Low spatter
  • Only 2 coats required
  • Quick application
  • Less labour/cost saving
  • Ultra-flat finish
  • ROCKCOTE Premium Ceiling White is for use on ceilings only

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