Elegance with a natural sparkle

ROCKCOTE Sandcote is the ideal finish for homes and commercial buildings where the very best exterior rendered finish is required.

With the smooth, natural look continually sought for exteriors, Sandcote delivers an elegant rendered finish that is equally at home on a Balinese inspired beachside home or a contemporary architecturally designed urban masterpiece.

The product has been formulated to maximise the shimmery effect of the sand with the appearance of a slight sparkle evident in different light.

Sandcote is one of the products in the ROCKCOTE Coloured Render range, offering lasting beauty and performance without the need for painting. The colour extends all the way through the render, minimising the visible damage from scratches and dents.

Superior quality and flexibility means that the product is low maintenance and bridges minor cracking in the substrate. Sandcote is designed to be left uncoated but can be overcoated with ROCKCOTE Repel or ROCKCOTE Clearcote for added durability and longevity. For a Sandcote look that does not need overcoating with Repel or Clearcote, choose ROCKCOTE Sandcote HYDRATECH for added water repellency without the need for overcoating.

Sandcote is one of the recommended render systems for the ROCKCOTE Thermal Dry Zone Walling System.

ROCKCOTE Sandcote is a flexible acrylic based coating manufactured using 100% acrylic emulsions, quality graded quartz and other additives blended together to provide a natural coloured render finish over many substrates. 

Why choose a Coloured Render by ROCKCOTE?

  • The integrated colour permeates the render layer making scratches and damage less noticeable
  • Consistent, seamless finish across the project regardless of the substrate (excluding weatherboard)
  • Add value and street appeal
  • No need to paint (overcoating with ROCKCOTE Clearcote, ROCKCOTE Repel or ROCKCOTE Armour, is optional for added water repellency and durability)
  • A more natural aesthetic than painted finishes
  • Protect your substrate


  • Water based
  • Ease of use
  • No sponge finishing required
  • Vapour permeable
  • Tough
  • Flexible
  • Water resistant
  • Excellent adhesion
  • Long term exterior protection
  • Natural Coloured Render finish that does not require painting
  • ROCKCOTE Sandcote is suitable to go over properly prepared substrates such as brick, block, cement Render, ROCKCOTE Render, concrete, cement sheeting, AAC panels/blocks and plasterboard.
  • Can be used interior and exterior
  • Can be overcoated with ROCKCOTE Repel or ROCKCOTE Clearcote for added durability and low maintenance
  • ROCKCOTE Sandcote has been designed as a coloured render, however it can be painted provided it is primed with ROCKCOTE High Opacity Primer prior to coating with 2 coats of ROCKCOTE Armour or ROCKCOTE Armour Flex.

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