Venetian Trowel Medium

Venetian Trowel Medium

The shape of the Venetian trowel raises a lot of eyebrows because it is in the shape of a trapezoid. If you see and old workman's trowel in Italy, it starts off in a rectangular shape and after several years it start taking a trapezoid shape. This is because you work on the full length of the blade the whole time and one end becomes narrower as a result. Many craftsmen in Italy would prefer to work with old trowels they inherited, as opposed to working with a new tool because it actually becomes better with age. For this reason, it was decided the manufacturer of the trowels to design the Venetian Plaster trowel with this shape to begin with. One of the most experienced toolmakers in Europe manufactured this trowel. The only thing that could not be manufactures was the worn edge on the blade that has to come over time with use. The trowel also has round corners to protect the finish.

Size: 240 x 100mm

Item ID: #4366

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