About ROCKCOTE Wood Fired Pizza Ovens

About ROCKCOTE Wood Fired Pizza Ovens

About Rockcote's Return to the Traditional

In line with our vision of being a fully sustainable & regenerative company we are actively persuing, promoting & supporting efforts to increase our understanding & use of sustainable building materials.

We believe that in the future our building materials will be sourced from commonly available materials, i.e. clay, sand, stone, reclaimed & recycled products as well as materials gained from biomass i.e. straw,hemp hurd & timber from renewable sources.

Our Modern World

Most of the problems we face today emanate from the difference between the way nature works & the way humans think. Although our march towards civilization has brought many benefits there are also some very important things that we have lost, many of these just in the last generation. These are things that helped us live as part of a community in tune with the rhythm's of nature have evolved in our traditional cultures for thousands of years & are now in danger of being lost forever.

These include:

  • How to grow our food with out huge inputs of fossil fuel energy & chemical fertilizers.
  • How to process, store & prepare our food without the use of modern chemical additives.
  • How to design our communities so that we are not reliant on the automobile & so that they do function as true nurturing communities for all age & ethnic groups.
  • How to design & build our buildings so that they don't rely on huge amounts of fossil fuels to make them livable & comfortable.

Within the time of just one generation we are in danger of losing these traditional arts & skills forever.

What to do about it? Of course you can follow the path of many alternate life stylers & simply drop out, but while this method may have some benefits, it is probably not a practical solution for the modern world.

When dealing with a systemic problem, to find a long term solution requires a different approach than we often employ these days.

We hope that through this site, and pizza ovens we can show rewarding and beneficial the traditional arts are and there by keep them alive.

What makes ROCKCOTE ovens so good?

  • The oven can cook three pizzas at a time
  • The heat bricks deliver an even heat source throughout the oven giving even cooking
  • Can be used to cook a wide variety of foods including meat, fish, bread and vegetables
  • The door height is 63% of the oven height to maximise efficiency
  • Every step of the building process has been simplified so anyone can do it

What is Cob?

Cob is clay, silt, sand and straw mixed together. It is the best thing to make the oven out of because:

  • It loves hot temperatures
  • It is easy to work with
  • It is plentiful, natural and carbon neutral

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