Cement Renders

Cement Renders

ROCKCOTE Renders are the practical alternative to ‘site mix’ render, designed to meet the requirements of the professional tradesperson and the demands of modern construction.

Our state-of-the-art Dry-Mix Render Plant enables ROCKCOTE to create pre-mixed renders with unrivalled quality and consistency.

ROCKCOTE’s Quick Render range has a product for almost every substrate and project. For tradesmen seeking a spray on cement render, most products in the range can be applied with a render pump (excluding two pack products such as Skimcote - refer to TDS for full details).

Quick Renders are easy to use and provide excellent adhesion to properly prepared substrates.

Properly cured, ROCKCOTE Quick Renders exhibit minimal drying shrinkage and provide a reliable surface for over-coating with acrylic textures and paints. 

Quick Renders are eligible for up to a 15 year warranty when used as part of a full ROCKCOTE system.


  • All products in the Quick Render range can be used for interior and exterior application in both commercial and residential systems.
  • Within the range, there are products suitable for application over properly prepared substrates such as brick, block, concrete, AAC blocks and panels, core filled fibre cementer, EPS and XPS foam.


  • The Quick Render range is an ideal cement base coat for ROCKCOTE Acrylic Textures, Coloured Renders and membrane paints.
  • All products in the Quick Render range must be overcoated within 28 days of application.

Quick Render Product Guide

Quick Render Grey: a pre-blended cement render that has a longer pot life and an increased working and finishing time during application. Ideal for use in harsher drying conditions where a slower drying rate is required.

Quick Render Fine: a pre-blended cement render that uses finer grade sands and fillers than standard pre-blended renders and can be used where a finer and smoother textured render finish is required.

Quick Render Super Fine: A pre-blended polymer modified cement render manufactured to exacting specifications from high quality materials. Properly cured Q Render Super Fine Sponge exhibits minimal drying shrinkage and is a reliable surface for over-coating with acrylic textures and paints.

Quick Render Off White: a pre-blended render made in off white and designed for sponging.

Quick Render Premium Sponge: a premium pre-blended render designed to be applied in thinner coats and finished by sponging. Acrybond not required.

Quick Render PM100: a pre-blended cement render formulated and designed for use over foam based substrates including expanded (EPS) and extruded (XPS) polystyrene walling systems. Acrybond not required.

Quick Render PM100 High Build: a pre-blended light weight cement render designed to build out and level all masonry surfaces. Also suitable as a base coat over polystyrene foam substrates (EPS and XPS). Can be built up to 30mm over most substrates. Acrybond not required. 

Quick Render FR (Fibre Reinforced): specifically formulated for high suction substrates such as Hebel and Core Filled Fibre Cement Sheets can be screed and also sponge finished. 

Quick Render Quick Float: a pre-blended cement render designed to be trowelled and floated then overcoated with a texture.


Other ROCKCOTE Renders

Skimcote: a pre-blended cement render specially formulated for hot, dry and humid conditions and particularly suited for application over masonry substrates. Requires the addition of Fastbond.


ROCKCOTE Cement Renders Comparison Table
ProductPurposeColourKey FeaturesSand ProfileTypical Coating ThicknessSet TimeCure TimeTools
Quick Render GreyTDSMasonryGrey
  • Cost effective
  • Long term hardness
Medium4mm Min 10mm Max2-3 Hours48-72 HoursScreed, Trowel or Sponge, pump or spray
Quick Render FineTDSMasonryGrey
  • Cost effective
  • Fine finish
Fine4mm Min 8mm Max2-3 Hours48-72 HoursHawk and trowel; pump or spray
Quick Render Off WhiteTDSMasonryOff White
  • Early hardness
  • Excellent adhesion
Fine / Medium4mm Min 10mm Max2 Hours48-72 HoursScreed, Trowel or Sponge; pump or spray
Quick Render Premium SpongeTDSMasonry / Skim CoatOff White
  • Early hardness
  • Excellent adhesion
  • Designed for tight coat application
Medium / Fine2mm Min 12mm Max1.5-2 Hours48-72 HoursScreed, Trowel or Sponge; pump or spray
Quick Render PM100TDSExpanded or Extruded Polystyrene foam panels or blocksGrey
  • Designed solely for expanded or extruded polystyrene foam panels or blocks
Medium4mm Min 10mm Max2-2.5 Hours48-72 HoursScreed,Trowel; pump or spray
Quick Render PM100 High BuildTDSMasonry, Expanded or Extruded Polystyrene panels or blocks Off White
  • High build 25% less weight than other renders
  • Excellent adhesion
Medium5mm Min 30mm Max3-12 hours (depending on thickness)2-7 days (depending on thickness)Trowel; pump or spray
Quick Render FR (Fibre Reinforced)TDSHebel, AAC, Core Filled FCSOff White
  • Can be screed
  • Can be sponged
Medium2mm Min 10mm Max8 hoursRefer to TDSScreed, Trowel or Sponge
Quick Render Quick FloatTDSMasonryOff white
  • Easily finished with only a float
  • Does not need priming before painting
Coarse4mm - 10mm8 hoursRefer to TDSHawk and trowel; pump or spray
  • Ideal for tropical conditions
  • Prevents washout
  • Thin coat
Fine1mm - 4mm8 hoursRefer to TDSHawk and trowel
Quick Render Super FineTDSMasonryGrey
  • Cost effective
  • Fine finish
Fine4mm Min 8mm Max2-3 Hours48-72 HoursHawk and trowel; pump or spray


Watch the video introducing the Quick Render Range

Prevent Efflorescence

Efflorescence is the formation of salt deposits on or near the surface of concrete causing a change in appearance.

For efflorescence to occur, salt and water need to be present.

ROCKCOTE’s render is formulated so that salts are not present and water migration is retarded, reducing the possibility of efflorescence occurring on ROCKCOTE render.


Why use a pre-mixed render?

  • Consistent high quality render mix
  • 48 hours curing time (can be painted after 48 hours)
  • No priming required before painting
  • No wastage, less mess
  • Water resistant
  • Saves time and money including scaffold costs 
  • Less risk of rust spotting and efflorescence

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