Coloured Renders & Textures

Coloured Renders & Textures

Create a unique signature look for your building inside or out with ROCKCOTE’s coloured renders and texture coatings.

Whether the project is traditional or contemporary; a new development or renovation; a home, office, school or motel, ROCKCOTE can help you create that distinctive flair that makes a building remarkable.

Our high performance, architectural coatings are durable, versatile and can be finished in a range of ways to create stunning effects.

ROCKCOTE pure acrylic coloured renders offer a timeless and beautiful quality that painted surfaces cannot achieve. Recreate the casual elegance of a southern European villa, a sophisticated, smooth rendered finish or a deliberately rustic aesthetic with high performance finishes available in a vast range of colours.

ROCKCOTE Textures add depth and dimension like no other wall coating. They are perfect for enhancing an architectural style, or evoking the natural beauty of sand, marble or stone. Designed for use under ROCKCOTE Armour Membrane Paint, they create attractive, tactile surfaces with character.

Recreate the highly textured natural look of stone with a range of decorative finishes made from stone, marble and other naturally sourced minerals. A variety of colours and effects can be produced by blending marble chips and/or graded river pebbles of various sizes and colours.

Ask for a pure acrylic

ROCKCOTE's commitment to quality means we use a 100% pure acrylic binding agent in our coloured renders, textures and paints.

Many products on the market claim to be 100% acrylic binders but most actually include modified acrylic binders or polymers such as vinyl or styrene.

Products made with pure rather than modified acrylics provide improved durability, colour retention and UV resistance over a longer period of time. They also offer high resistance to chemical attack and better protection from Australia's harsh weather conditions.

For better durability and performance, always ask for 100% pure acrylic.

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