Decorative Finishes

Decorative Finishes

ROCKCOTE's Natural Decorative Finishes create limitless possibilities for natural aesthetics - from a traditional organic, clay plaster look right up to the most modern polished plaster finishes.

By reinventing natural materials for use on contemporary spaces, we have made stunning natural finishes available for the most contemporary, bespoke spaces.

Earthy rustic aesthetics, refective polished finishes and the urban industrial concrete look are three themes continually popping up, all of which can be achieved with Decorative Finishes from the Natural Materials by ROCKCOTE range.

The finishes created by trained artisans are a stunning alternatives to tiles, wallpaper or paint - uniquely handcrafted for your feature wall, facade, fireplace surround, bathroom, column or entire room.

Architects and designers have the creative freedom to conceive a concept that can be expertly brought to life by a skilled artisan.

These clay and lime-based finishes can also be positive for psyhcological wellbeing, enlivening the senses and bringing us back into contact with the natural world. For full details about the beenfits of lime and clay based finishes, check out the Natural Materials by ROCKCOTE introduction.


ROCKCOTE natural decorative finishes:

Seamless Venetian Plaster raking marble look

Venetian Plaster produces a reflective, highly polished plaster finish, also described as a mirror finish. Create a stunning smooth surface with the illusion of depth and texture for interiors, bathrooms, feature walls, columns and ceilings. 

Marrakesh concrete panel look

Natural and beautiful, ROCKCOTE Marrakesh is a traditional lime plaster that allows the artisan to create a wide range of finishes including a traditional lime plaster look, marble plaster aesthetic, smooth polished concrete, or split-stone look.

Otsumigaki delivers a natural stony effect

Formulated in the tradition of Japanese plasters, Otsumigaki delivers a smooth, evocative aesthetic with a subtle lustre. Otsumigaki offers a dreamy, slightly stony look with a more gentle patina than Venetian Plaster.

Velvetina, distressed Travertina effect

Velvetina is a strong, fine-grained decorative plaster finish with a distinctive velvety appearance. With less drama than Venetian Plaster, and harder drying characteristics than Otsumigaki, Velvetina is designed to produce a low lustre finish.

A smooth, flat finish in a Gold Coast restaurant

The ideal natural clay render for walls and feature areas in commercial developments or homes. A durable, appealing natural finish for hotels, cafes, cinema and theatre foyers, as well as full interiors, or features in residential settings.

Earthen Render Coarse Nishi Colour. Photo: Ross Honeysett

Our most heavily textured natural render, applied in thick coats to deliver an authentic, rustic clay finish. Gorgeous earthy aesthetics for hotels, cafes, restaurants and homes.

Fine finishing plaster for full interiors

A fine finishing clay plaster with built-in marble dust that glistens in the presence of ambient light. Clay Plaster Decor adds a textural warmth to walls and ceilings offering a natural alternative to paint for contemporary and traditional buildings.

Lime Plaster Basecote detail, ovecoated with Lime Wash

A fine grained lime plaster used as a base coat for interiors. It is suitable for entire buildings as well as for facades and decorative work. A traditional, natural lime render, it is ideal for heritage projects.


ROCKCOTE Lime Plaster is a fine grained lime plaster that can be used both interior and exterior including areas of high humidity such as bathrooms and laundry areas.

ROCKCOTE Decorative Finishes Comparison Table
ProductPurposeFinishApplicationTypical Coating ThicknessSet TimeTools
Venetian PlasterTDSCreate a stunning polished plaster finish reminiscent of a traditional stuccoHighly polished glass face render, luminous shine with dramatic effectsAs a filler/polishing aid for patching lime finishes. Interior and exterior including wet areas
  • Can be mixed with oxides to provide a range of colours and effects
0.5mm – 2mm12 hours (Cure time is 28 days)Venetian trowel
MarrakeshTDSCan be used to create a traditional Tadelakt or Moroccan plaster finishCan be finished to a traditional flat lime plaster; or for a contemporary look can be used to achieve a smooth polished concrete aestheticInterior and exterior
  • Extremely durable
  • Will improve internal air quality
  • Can be tinted with alkali resistant mineral pigments
2mm – 4mm (as a finish coat)24 hours (Cure time is 28 days)A range of trowels, floats, sponges and finishing techniques
OtsumigakiTDSCreate a variety of finishes from a textured clay look to a pearly lustreLustre, Smooth or Rustic. A burnished, polished look; smooth and undulating; or a textured "bark" finishA beautiful, highly durable polished plaster for interior walls and ceilings
  • Extrememely durable 
  • Can be tinted
1mm to 4mm90 to 120 minutes (Cure time 24 to 28 hours)Hawk and trowel, Japanese trowel for finishing
VelvetinaTDSVelvetina is a strong, fine-grained decorative plaster with a distinctive velvety appearance.Smooth to lustre finish Apply in a thin layer over surface and work with a steel trowel. As a base coat, apply one tight coat and leave 12 hours before applying Venetian Plaster
  • Achieve a smooth to lustre finish as a finishing coat
  • Can be used as base coat for ROCKCOTE Venetian Plaster
0.5-1.0mm12 hours (Curing time is 28 days)Trowel
Earthen Render MediumTDSBrick, block, concrete, AAC panels, plasterboard Natural substrates including straw bale and bamboo lathRustic or EarthenInterior or as a base coat render
  • Can be used as a finishing product or as a base coat for some other Natural Materials
  • Can be applied to previously painted surfaces with the addition of ROCKCOTE Acrybond
4mm – 8mm optimal with no more than 12mmDrying time 48-72 hoursHawk and trowel, screeded, floated, trowelled, sponged, texture, brush or undulated.
Earthen Render CoarseTDSBrick, block, concrete, AAC panels, plasterboard. Natural substrates including straw bale, cob, lath or rammed earthRustic or EarthenInterior or sheltered exterior. In dry areas over natural building systems, materials requiring a high build of up to 50mm
  • Suitable for traditional and modern buildings
  • Capable of being applied up to 50mm thick
6mm – 10mm optimal with no more than 15mm unless specified by ROCKCOTEDrying time 48 – 72 hoursHawk and trowel, screeded, floated, trowelled, sponged, texture brushed or undulated to give a range of textured finishes.
Clay Plaster DecorTDSUse only over dimensionally stable masonry substrates with a strong key surface: brick/block, concrete, AAC panelsSmooth, Rustic or EarthenSuitable for interior walls and ceilings including bathrooms but not wet areas such as showers or splash backs.
  • Can be tinted to a range of earth tones using natural oxides
  • Wheat, straw, rice husks, straw etc. can be added for unique effects
2mm – 4mm per coat. Do not apply in a single coat greater than 6mm24-48 hours (Curing time is 7 days)Hawk and trowel, screeded, floated, trowelled, sponged, texture, brush or undulated.
Lime Plaster BasecoteTDSCan be applied over any standard building substrate following correct preparationFlatInterior including areas of high humidity such as bathrooms and laundries
  • Designed as a base coat but can be tinted to wide range of colours
  • Extremely durable
  • Will improve internal air quality
2mm – 4mm24 hoursTrowel
Lime PlasterTDSCan be applied over any standard building substrate following correct preparationFlatInterior and exterior including areas of high humidity such as bathrooms and laundries2mm – 4mm24 hoursTrowel

Get the polished concrete look

Achieve the on-trend polished concrete look with Natural Materials by ROCKCOTE. This seamless, highly polished look is perfectly complemented by rustic brickwork, bold timbers and natural textiles.

Level, elegant and smooth to the touch, it's ideal for feature walls, vast columns, ceilings, entry areas and stairwells.

To achieve a glass or super high polished look, select ROCKCOTE Venetian Plaster. With a lustre or smooth polished finish, Otsumigaki (see above) or Velvetina will bring a warm, natural concrete aesthetic.

Get the earthy look

Looking for an uneven, roughly finished rustic wall, reminscent of an old farm house or bakery?

This look can be achieved with several products in the Natural Materials by ROCKCOTE range: Earthen Render Coarse, Earthen Render Medium or Clay Plaster Decor.

Applied with a lightly or heavily undulating finish, these products can acheive a true earthen aesthetic that people will want to reach out and touch over and again.

Different decorative effects can be achieved by adding dried chopped wheat or hemp, coffee beans or other materials to the product during application.


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