Decorative Finishes

ROCKCOTE's Decorative Finishes range creates limitless possibilities for natural aesthetics - from a traditional organic, clay plaster look right up to the most modern polished plaster finishes.

All products are completely natural, based on clay or lime or the combination of both for ROCKCOTE Otsumigaki. All products in the Decorative Finishes range are free of dangerous chemicals and produce no odours or residual off-gassing.

They have low embodied energy (energy necessary for the entire product life-cycle) and are fully recyclable which means they can be returned to the earth after use. Clay and lime finishes can also be positive for psychological well-being. They are inherently sensuous, meaning they enliven the sense and bring us back into contact with the natural world.

Lime Plasters: Venetian Plaster, Marrakesh and Otsumigaki

Lime is an amazing building material: much more environmentally friendly and economical than cement, and also carbon neutral. Like cement, lime gives off carbon dioxide during manufacture. Yet, unlike cement, lime actually re-absorbs carbon dioxide when it sets making lime an ideal choice for conscious living.

Lime is burnt at a lower temperature than cement in the production process (900°C as opposed to 1300°C) and therefore produces 20% less carbon dioxide. Lime is essential in the building of any natural house, including straw bales, timber and earth.

Drawing inspiration from ancient techniques, ROCKCOTE has developed durable lime finishes that are suitable for modern buildings.

Benefits of Lime: 

  • Biodegradable
  • Recyclable
  • Allows the building to "breathe". Water can escape by evaporation, unlike cement where water can only escape by being absorbed into the bricks, risking damp and substrate erosion.

Clay Plasters: Clay Plaster Decor and Otsumigaki

Earth plasters can create stunning effects ranging from a rustic earth natural clay to a smooth, polished finish. 

Benefits of Clay:

  • They are porous, allowing the building structure to breathe
  • They have a thirst for moisture that helps to regulate relative humidity in the atmosphere, improving air quality and resisting mould growth.
  • Create a healthier indoor atmosphere by releasing healthy negative ions into the air (See RHS box)
Seamless Venetian Plaster raking marble look by Ray Hall

Venetian Plaster produces a reflective, highly polished plaster finish, also described as a mirror finish. Create a stunning smooth surface with the illusion of depth and texture for interior, exterior, bathrooms, feature walls, columns and ceilings. 

Create a traditional Tadelakt or Moroccan plaster finish with ROCKCOTE Marrakesh. Can also be finished to a traditional flat lime plaster; or for a contemporary look can be used to achieve a smooth polished concrete aesthetic. For interior and exterior use.

ROCKCOTE Otsumigaki in natural white

ROCKCOTE Otsumigaki is an extremely versatile product that allows the skilled artisan to achieve a wide range of stunning decorative effects for interiors. Whether you are seeking a burnished polished look, a more natural, textured clay wall or a smooth and undulating finish, ROCKCOTE Otsumigaki can deliver.

ROCKCOTE Clay Plaster Decor is a truly beautiful fine finishing clay plaster with built-in marble dust that glistens in the presence of ambient light. An earthen-look plaster with a smooth finish, Clay Plaster Decor adds a textural warmth to the interior of any building - from a traditional straw bale home to the most elegant modern building.

ROCKCOTE Decorative Finishes Comparison Table
ProductPurposeFinishApplicationKey FeaturesTypical Coating ThicknessSet TimeCure TimeTools
Venetian PlasterTDSCreate a stunning polished plaster finish reminiscent of a traditional stuccoHighly polished glass face render, luminous shine with dramatic effectsAs a filler/polishing aid for patching lime finishes. Interior and exterior including wet areas
  • Can be mixed with oxides to provide a range of colours and effects
0.5mm – 2mm12 hours7 daysVenetian trowel
MarrakeshTDSCan be used to create a traditional Tadelakt or Moroccan plaster finishCan be finished to a traditional flat lime plaster; or for a contemporary look can be used to achieve a smooth polished concrete aestheticInterior and exterior including wet areas
  • Extremely durable
  • Will improve internal air quality
  • Can be tinted with alkali resistant mineral pigments
2mm – 4mm (as a finish coat)24 hours28 DaysA range of trowels, floats, sponges and finishing techniques
OtsumigakiTDSCreate a variety of finishes from a textured clay look to a pearly lustreLustre, Smooth or Rustic. A burnished, polished look; smooth and undulating; or a textured "bark" finishA beautiful, highly durable polished plaster for interior walls and ceilings
  • Extrememely durable 
  • Can be tinted
1mm to 4mm90 to 120 minutes24 to 48 hoursHawk and trowel, Japanese trowel for finishing
Clay Plaster DecorTDSUse only over dimensionally stable masonry substrates with a strong key surface: brick/block, concrete, AAC panelsSmooth, Rustic or EarthenSuitable for interior walls and ceilings including bathrooms but not wet areas such as showers or splash backs.
  • Can be tinted to a range of earth tones using natural oxides
  • Wheat, straw, rice husks, straw etc. can be added for unique effects
2mm – 4mm per coat. Do not apply in a single coat greater than 6mm24-48 hoursRecoat only when underlying coats have completely dried to a WME of no greater than 15%Hawk and trowel, screeded, floated, trowelled, sponged, texture, brush or undulated.

From glass face to earthen: a guide to natural material finishes

Rustic, polished, coarse, lustrous, marmorino, glass face, Tadelakt, traditional, industrial, Venetian Plaster, stucco. With a range of adjectives and brand names falling into the mix of words to describe the finishes that can be achieved with natural materials, it is not surprising that people struggle to explain the finish they want.

At one end of the spectrum is that gritty, earthy look that can be delivered with clay-based products – think rough, rendered walls embedded with grains of wheat.

At the other end is a highly polished glass or mirror type finish made popular by urban cafes and restaurants and now featuring in distinctive architecturally designed homes and makeovers.

Below, we’ve put together a guide of finishes available. Remember this is a spectrum so it is possible to achieve any of these looks – or anything in between. 

Finish types and descriptions:

GLASS: a reflective, highly polished finish, also described as a mirror finish. A slightly iridescent mother-of-pearl look can also be achieved with some products. Can be achieved with: Venetian Plaster.

LUSTRE: a slight sheen or glow that reflects a soft light at different angles. Can be achieved with: MarrakeshOtsumigaki and Velvetino.

SMOOTH: more open than Lustre and smoother to touch than Rustic. May feature variations in openness. Can be achieved with: MarrakeshOtsumigakiClay Plaster Décor, Velvetino, Lime Plaster Basecote and Earthen Render Medium.

RUSTIC: A tactility of finish – feel and see the character of each grain. Can be achieved with: Earthen RenderLime Plaster Basecote, Otsumigaki (less than 1mm film build), Clay Plaster DécorMarrakesh.

EARTHEN:  a rough, heavily textured finish with a very open, coarse grain. Can be achieved with: Earthen Render Coarse.

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